Thursday 22 February 2018
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8 signs which tell you whether your kidney is in danger!

Kidney is one of the most important parts of the body protected externally by the rib cage along with other parts of the body. It is an organ responsible to remove the waste from the body and blood. One cannot even imagine that would happen to a human being if the kidney wasn’t present.

So let’s see if the kidney wasn’t present what would happen?

The human body would be like waste garbage dumped area and couldn’t sustain for more than one day. The kidney of the body is very essential as it plays an important role in several activities of the body:

  • They filter approximately 150 quarts of blood daily
  • They are the one responsible to detoxify and clean the body
  • The excess of waste present in the body in the form of fluid or any type of waste is removed by the help of kidneys
  • The electrolytes present in the body are well balanced due to the functioning of kidneys.
  • The number of RBC’s and blood pressure is well maintained in the body.

These are some of the functions carried out by the kidneys and which we can’t ignore due to any reason. If the kidney is been threatened by any problem- it is our first duty that we look upon the issue with a matter of seriousness. There are several symptoms or signs which we may find if the kidney is not functioning properly and it is listed below;


Urination is the common mode for removing waste out of body and it is obvious that if there is any problem in the functioning of the body – it will have direct impact on the urination.

So, how will it impact?

It is simple that it will have change in color and many a times you must have seen that there is a slight change in the color so that’s not a major problem but when you see a change in color with something more then you had expected then you can call it as- yes! There’s something wrong. So, while urinating you may find the problems listed below and by using these you can recognize the symptom:

  • Dark yellowish and sometimes foamy urine
  • Frequent urinating but in small amounts.
  • You need to exert pressure while urinating
  • Trouble at night due to frequent urinating at night

Problems related to breath

When the kidney is in a bad functional state i.e. it has low capacity of removing the waste from the body then it results in reduced number of red blood cells leading it to problems related it to breathing. So, this is linked directly to red blood cells and if the cells reduce- it will also reduce the intake of oxygen into the body.

2.Swelling on body

This swelling is also due to the weak functioning of the kidneys. The waste and toxic elements in the body which is not thrown outside the body is accumulated in the various parts of the body and which will lead to the swelling of the parts of the body like the joints, limbs and also the face. It also leads to bloating in the face which is even odder and it can be only reduced by taking preventive measure to ensure that kidney is brought back to proper functioning.

3.Changes in the mouth taste

The toxins and waste which are not expelled out of the body by the kidneys get mixed with the body sugar leading in change of taste and also bad breath. This can be easily recognized if you notice a considerable change in the taste of the food. This is general that when you notice this you’ll also understand that something is not good and you blame it for your mouth but the problem in reality is related internally.

4.Skin problems

Due to the poor functioning of the kidney- the waste is accumulated in the skin leading to various problems like the rashes, itching and various other related problems. By this you won’t understand the real problem and you start feeling that you need to start applying creams and various other lotions. So, have you still got rid of the rashes? No, you’ll never get- because it is not an external problem. This is happening due to the problem caused by the poor functioning of the kidney and so get tested it from a doctor to help you in the beginning stages itself.

5.Kidney pain or pain during urination

Many people suffer from pains while urinating or even pains arise from the kidneys- this is due to the problem like kidney stones and also maybe some other kidney related problem must have been persisted. In fact all together it’s not a good sign to have pains!


Its main reason is poor flow of oxygen to brain and so the next question arises in one’s mind is- how is it so? So, the simple reason is poor functioning of kidney. Now, when kidney failure occurs- there will be no one in the body to remove the waste out of the body leading to various problems like memory problems, dizziness, problems related to brain and so on.

7.Deficiency of erythropoietin

Now, what is erythropoietin? – It is basically a hormone generated by the kidney and due to poor functioning of the kidney we can find the deficiency in this hormone. This has a huge impact on various parts of the body and this hormone which is responsible for producing RBC’s occurs with deficiencies then it will have impact on the RBC count in the body. This will lead to a major problem like fatigue and in severe conditions even anemia can be recognized.