Wednesday 17 January 2018
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8 Questions You Should Always Ask to Your Gynaecologist! (It’s About Improving your Health and SEX Life)

Until today- I had no idea about visiting gynaecologist, isn’t it weird? I mean, the questions the doctor will ask – have to spread legs and she checks it very carefully after which she starts asking various questions. It really sucks, I mean how can anyone ask such questions- it really feels embarrassing.

Honestly, I would never take it up! I had made up mind that whatsoever it maybe I will never consult a gynaecologist, but the dark day of my life came up and I had to go to a gynaecologist. At the beginning- I was upset but need to say- she (doctor) made me feel really comfortable!

Often I hear from people that these doctors are not so comfortable or it feels like as though we’re sitting in an intervention chamber – being asked about the gangsters. All these issues were scaring me out but I held up my hands and just walked in. I realized that not all make you uncomfortable; it only depends on which doctor you feel comfortable in discussing about the problems. There are about 10 questions you should ask your gynaecologist:

1. About you and partner in relation to sexual activities

You needn’t be shy about asking such matters to the doctor because it is the only place where you can understand different matters about sex and the intercourse which you and your partner are going through is safe or not!

If you’re too shy, then I’m sorry no one on this earth can help you out. When I visited the doctor- she said to me, look there is nothing to be shy and sex is just a part of life- yes! You have to be shy in front of others but in front of doctor you need to be sure that you tell all the problems about sex you are going through while doing it with your partner. She further added that many people like to do it in different styles and in some situations it may appear that it doesn’t suit you! After listening to this, if you ask me the first question I would put up in front of my gynaecologist that ‘me and my partner are involved in sexual activities like inserting_____ ! So, what kind of test do you recommend me?

2.I haven’t got the vaccine for HPV. So, do you recommend me to get it?

I visited a doctor for the first time and the first question she threw to me was- have you got the vaccine? So, I replied saying no! I didn’t realize at the beginning about which vaccine she was talking!

So, I asked her- what was she asking me about?

She asked me- don’t you know about this? I said no! I was surprised whether it is compulsory to take- then she replied that most of the doctors don’t ask about this assuming that you’ve got one.

She was right! This I realised when I had been to another doctor and she didn’t ask me about this! For this reason don’t wait till the doctor asks you, instead you spill out the question.

3.I am suffering from terrible pains during sex. So what kind of test do you recommend?

This is an obvious question that you need to put up!

This is for which you’re consulting the doctor. So it’s your duty to tell your problem and also which part of the vagina is paining!

Many people feel shy to speak this out, but you needn’t because the doc can’t start with her treatment unless you ask her!

4.My mom just suffered from breast cancer. So, should even I get tested?

I never expected that I would ask this question to my gynaecologist, but seriously you wouldn’t believe that I did!

Often people ignore this because they think that it might be due to some hormonal changes and something related to it- so we are safe, it is the first satisfactory answer given.

But the doc recommended me that it is necessary to get checked and keep updated so that you can tackle the problem before it is out of your court.

5.I’m on a list of medications, so what impact is it on my health

Medications can be usually impactful on the body and asking a gynaecologist is a really good thing to take care that you aren’t affecting your sex life- take it for mild asthma, it is a kind of weird but, I take the pills and asked my gynaecologist about this- and she said it’s good to keep yourself updated with gynaecologist to have a healthy sexual life.

6.I’m not in a relationship anymore. So, which test do you recommend?

This is weird but a fact- did you know that I was in relationship with a man for 5 years and suddenly we broke up, I don’t even know whether he is going to be my children father!

I didn’t know how to respond to it as it was a bit twisty that whether my vagina is happy and healthy by being single.

But, I was satisfies when the doc told me to get checked regularly so that your vagina is happy and healthy.

7.I’m gaining or losing weight- really tensed! What can I do?

Not just I but anyone who is suffering from such problem would surely look for a gym trainer or some help of the fitness training institutions. But, no one would look into going to a gynaecologist.

But, even the doctors have their side of the justification saying that- it can also be some hormonal issue or a thyroid problem.

8.My period is irregular. So what tests do you recommend me?

When you have an issue with your period, and you bring it to the notice of your doc, she will ask you a series of questions to recognise the problem.

All know that regular menstrual cycle is a sign of good health, so it’s better you bring it to the notice of a gynaecologist.