Wednesday 17 January 2018
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8 Healthy Habits to Lead a Happy Life

8 Healthy Habits to Lead a Happy Life

Building blocks of our life – Habits. These are developed, learnt, influenced by numerous ways, paths we choose to lead, whom we meet every day, atmosphere we are surrounded with and off course what our parents teach. These we develop from our childhood, start from what the parents teach us, the first block built by them like to be clean, taking care of our own belongings, behavior with others or with the elderly people. We come to a stage, we are grown up, meeting up friends and start smoking just to fit in with them and later choose what we want to become in our life. But, to lead a happy life we need to follow healthy habits and habits acceptable by a good society, never change your habits just for the reason your friends are not leading such habits. Choose a good path and a healthy habit. It is believed by choosing a healthy habit you are choosing the path of GOD and indirectly worshipping him; it even generates a positive attitude within you. Habits can be of many types but there are ten exceptional habits which need to be followed in our every step of life as given,

Here are 8 Healthy Habits to Lead a Healthy Life:

1.Be clean

This cleaning process refers to your external appearance or your surroundings, very much required to develop a positive attitude and leads to a mental clutter. It’s the basic procedure in the morning we clean up the house and then continue with our regular works. Why is this so we do first? – Most people even think about it. But the people for who have very well experienced know the true meaning and the importance. The simple reason is it keeps you active the whole day, mentally free and alert. The simple habits are brushing, shower, cleaning clothes, cleaning room. These basic habits we learn from our childhood but at certain age we take it to be of less importance proving to be a negative impact for us. So be clean because what you look, resembles the person you are from inside.

2.Be Physically fit

A person getting up early morning is said to be fit and mentally strong and also he is said to have a good habit. Yes, obviously he deserves it, because the first rays of the sun are very good to the human body giving us the vitamins not obtained through any source. The person going for walk or doing exercises at this time is said to be a much healthier person. So following this habit is said to be good just because you are fit and smart the whole day.

3.Think positive

A human’s brain is said to be the king of the whole body. If the king thinks something good and has a positive attitude, obviously this brings out positive effect on the whole body, and if you start thinking negative, it happens the same with you. You fall in a negative path which is not a good habit. So our ancestors say always think positive and good, because what we think what we are.

4.Be kind

Be a kind person. Help a person in your limits if he seeks for help, a single help you will know for yourself the difference you make. You start feeling different, you start getting good thoughts. A mental activity we may say, or a humankind gift which makes us feel different. We may experience one day the kindness we showered upon someone has returned to us without knowing about it.

5.Setting up a vision

Everyone has a goal.  Even you might be. So set it up, keep it in front of your eyes, creating a goal and writing it down is a good habit because a human tendency to get diverted this writing up avoids you from getting diverted. You are been driven back on the same vision you have setup for yourself. A very good habit and a person without a goal is good for nothing.

6.Face the truth

Usually, we humans don’t face the truth but always try to ignore, not a good habit. Let it be at the worst condition never show your back but instead face it. If u learn facing situations than you are developing a good habit by getting the energy to face any problem in life for your loved ones and for yourself.

7.Stop intake of calories  

Most of the people like drinking sodas, beer every day. So please stop this, you are just in taking calories and toxic which is supposed to be not good, instead consume milk, water and maintain this a good habit by stopping those bad habits


This word is used in every field of life. The most important and useful in our life. A good habit whose character is decided on how you respect others and the elderly people. Without respect, you can never exist nor does the word relating to it called love would exist. A person will respect you, love you only when you respect him. So, kinds request to maintain this habit and respect your elders at every stage of life.