Thursday 18 January 2018
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8 Beauty Benefits Of Tomato: How To Use Tomato To Make Your Natural Beauty Products

Tomato is a fruit or a vegetable? May a times I see people confused about his topic to get into a conclusion! But, more interesting than this topic for women is about the beauty benefits from tomato. Some believe beauty can be obtained only by cosmetic products and not through naturally. A total wrong statement because the chemicals present in the artificial cosmetics only eat up the skin and damage it. It is a waste of money and also a damage to your skin too. But, there are availability of some natural products which you can utilize like the tomato- provide vital glow and nutrients required by your skin.

Many don’t know its importance apart from having this in the food diet you can also apply it on your face to make it more beautiful rather applying the costly cosmetics. These are needed to be applied in a particular fashion and there are many tricks involved to apply this tomato as a beauty product for skin.

Tomato with lemon

  • Take a tablespoon of tomato juice and add few drops of lemon to it
  • Now, apply it on the face gently
  • Allow it to dry for about half an hour
  • Now rinse the face with lukewarm water
  • By this, you can shrink the open pores present on your face.

Tomato for blackheads

  • First, wash the face cleanly.
  • Now, cut a tomato into two halves
  • Gently rub the cut tomato on the blackhead
  • Later rinse it off with a mild soap
  • It is believed to be the best home remedy to reduce the blackheads on the face

Reduces Oil problems

  • Wash your face cleanly at first
  • Now grind the tomato moderately
  • Apply this paste evenly on all over the face
  • Keep it for an hour on the face and later rinse it off
  • Reduction in acne can be observed
  • It has the property to absorb oil, and by this method your skinny oil is in controllable proportions

Tomato and avocado

  • The both combination make up an excellent beauty natural product for the skin. It acts as the cleansing property for the skin
  • Take some cut pieces of tomato and avocado
  • Place them in the grinding machine and grind moderately so that a paste is formed
  • This paste is a natural beauty cream to your skin
  • Apply this cream on the skin and leave it for about half an hour
  • Later, rinse your skin with lukewarm water
  • Continue this process for once a week

Mixture of tomato and honey

  • Honey and tomato gives you a fair and glowing skin. It helps in various complexions like the weight reduction and other factors like brightening the skin
  • Mix honey and tomato juice in equal proportions
  • Now, apply this mixture on the skin
  • Let it remain o the skin for about half an hour
  • Now, rinse it with lukewarm water and wipe your face with clean cloth
  • Follow this procedure for at least once or twice a week

Drinking of tomato juice

  • This is a general process where you can gradually drink the grinded tomato and converting it into a juice to drink. Enjoy the sip twice a day for
  • Better improvement in the skin
  • In the weight reduction
  • Before having your food, have a gap of about 15 minutes- drink the juice to lose appetite
  • It works effectively in the intestines and helps in stopping the fermentation process
  • Sugar an alcohol which creates a fermentation process to weight gain-but the tomato produces exactly the opposite of this process and helps keeping in check the body weight.

Good in preventing dandruff

It acts as an excellent dandruff preventer. It avoids the dry skin responsible for dandruff and regulates the metabolic rate in the brain which gives a healthy hair an dandruff free hair

  • Grind the tomato till the fine paste is obtained
  • Apply this paste n the scalp and hair
  • Leave it on for about half an hour
  • Now, wash it off with shampoo and lukewarm water
  • Try this on for once or twice a week.

Mixture of tomato and cucumber juice

This mixture is an excellent preventer of oil on the skin. Helpful to people troubled with their oily skin

  • Grind the tomato to produce a juice from it
  • Mix this juice with the cucumber juice
  • Now, take a clean cloth and dip it into the solution
  • Gently apply the cloth on the skin evenly
  • Keep this solution on the face for about half an hour and the rinse it
  • Follow this procedure for at least once a week