Thursday 22 February 2018
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7 Tips To Take Care While Inspiring Your Buddy

We read books of great people to get inspired and not lose hope. Did u know this? Or you just read because others do? Yes, I think you read because others do! You know, many great people have not just become great in an overnight. They had to sacrifice something in their life time and later after so many years hard work they were what they are now, every person pronouncing their name on his lip. It is difficult to self-inspire ourselves, but once we learn to, there is no one on this earth to bring you down.

Many a times you are sitting down keeping your hands on your head and you suddenly realize your mom keeps a hand on your head and says ‘ don’t lose hope’ or your friend also might say the same thing. It’s natural that the person who cares for you or loves you, give you an inspiration so that you stand up again and start a fresh from the beginning.

Even do you care about someone? And he is in need for an inspiration? It’s truly sad when you see someone, let be your buddy, your dad or mom, are suffering a loss or failure in some point of life. At that time go up to them, hold their hand and say ‘you can do it’. Give them some examples about people who have done miracles. Weren’t they the same as you before reaching the position they are in now? Wake them up, let them know that you are standing behind them and will always be! Follow these tips and assist to get inspired and make him stand up, because the history says without family and friends a person cannot be anything.

  1. Care

Care is the first thing where people get a trust and start listening to you, tell him how much you care about him, not by your words but by your actions. It’s a normal routine to say hello and asking how are you? , had your lunch?. These simple questions makes a person to melt down and generate a feeling about the care you have for him.

  1. Be enthusiastic

Show enthusiasm to the conversation you have with him, and not show that you are not interested in the chat which is going on. Make him understand that you are much more interested than him in the conversation you both are involved in.

  1. Earn trust

If a person you know and love tells you a secret, it stays between you and them. Trust takes a long time to build, but it can be destroyed overnight, so don’t take part in workplace gossip or unnecessary drama in your social networks so you can be a positive influence that people are unafraid to talk to.

  1. if it’s not positive, don’t say it

It’s easy to criticize people, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right thing to do. Think about it: how do you react if someone insults your intelligence, makes fun of your outfit, or criticizes your performance? Whether the criticism is justified or not, I bet you get upset. No one likes to be criticized, so if you don’t have anything positive to say, don’t say it at all.

  1. Build people up

A small compliment makes up a person’s day. He starts feeling better that a friend of his has said something good and better about him. If you just tell him’ hey, buddy you looking so cool today’ i bet you, If your compliment doesn’t make his day, I’ll buy you a beer.

  1. Stand your ground

It’s easy to let life-stress shake our foundation of inner-strength as human beings, but if you want to inspire people around you, learn to stand your ground through thick and thin. Stand firm if you want to show the people around you that even the worst of circumstances can be overcome with positive thinking, continuous improvement, and a never-say-die attitude.

  1. Admit your flaws

Although it is important to not flinch when life throws us a curve-ball, it is equally important to acknowledge the fact that we are all human beings here, and thus are all inherently flawed. Everyone has at least one glaring weakness or two, so accept your short-comings to humanize yourself so people can relate to you on a deeper level. Show me a person who claims to be without fault and I’ll show you a dirty liar