Wednesday 17 January 2018
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7 Homemade Remedies To Overcome The Problem Of Infertility In Women

This is the major problem in the relationships today! Some ladies think it as the curse for themselves- but, it isn’t! It is just due to some defects may be genital or deficiency in some vitamins or some minerals. So you need to do is ask for a doctor or find some homemade remedies. But, even in finding by your own is a sort of trouble as some may cause a deeper problem to the infertility and leave you in total disaster.

Here are some of the natural infertility remedies:

1.Jamun Leaves

  • To cope with the girl infertility trouble, you may consume jamun leaves.
  • Add some honey in case you don’t like the flavor of jamun leaves.
  • This will add flavor to your home made medicine and honey provides you a flavor to consume this medicine.

2.Root of Banyan Tree

  • Roots of banyan tree are quite effective in curing the girl infertility hassle.
  • Accumulate those roots and dry them.
  • Then grind them and make first-rate powder from them.
  • When your menstrual cycles are over, after that on the first night have this powder with milk.
  • Make certain that you don’t consume immediately after having milk
  • Observe this treatment for approximately one year.
  • This has a very good outcome and even you may get a profitable outcome out of this.


  • This herb is a useful medicine for the remedy of girl infertility.
  • Dry this herb and keep it in powder form.
  • After the end of your menstrual cycle start drinking milk by adding 6 grams of this powder.
  • Continue this process for one week and later stop.
  • Follow this procedure again from the next month.

4.Have a fixed diet

There are some regular use eatable products, which help in increasing the fertility of female. If you are suffering from infertility, than I prefer you consuming these food products in more quantities. The diet consists of:

  • Cheese and curd to your each day meal, as these are powerful in increasing the possibilities of fertility in women.
  • Eggplant is powerful inside the treatment of lady infertility.
  • Prepare dinner this eggplant and feature it with buttermilk. Do that treatment for approximately two months, because it will without a doubt help to cure female infertility issues.
  • Food diet should be composed of the following; grains, milk, honey, curd, cheese, sprouts, beans, and so forth. These are added to the diet because they are capable to keep your body in healthy condition.
  • Vitamins like C and E are very effective in increasing the probabilities of fertility in women.
  • Zinc also plays a prominent role in increasing the fertility of the woman. There are supplements available in the market for vitamin C and zinc. But then, if you wish to go naturally there are many fruits and food diets rich in these vitamins and minerals.


Be a part of some yoga class, as a number of the postures of Yoga clearly help in curing woman infertility.

It is good for health to do those postures under the guidance of skilled trainer, as they will train us with perfect postures which is of an extra benefit to the body. Having a trainer, he will guide you with proper postures and yoga exercises if you go wrong in doing any posture.

Keep away from

If you are addicted to some bad habits and you are continuing the same, then try avoiding it as it is the main factor or your infertility. Even the regular habits are sometimes dangerous. So the list is given below which you need to avoid largely,

Avoid drinking coffee, tea, highly spiced and fatty food, white flour, fried foods and tender beverages.

Give preference in avoiding, if you are addicted to smoking and consuming alcohol.

Marijuana and heroin capsule consumption is equally dangerous to your health and the main cause to infertility

In today’s generation, practicing such bad habits has become the trend, but in actual it is destroying your body from inside- as you can see the simple example of your infertility.

Live satisfied

What you are from outside effects your inside! Didn’t get it? You try to be happy and have a positive attitude about your life- indirectly activates your hormones to proper functioning of the glands. If you’re not- then what so ever you try- you cannot help yourself out from infertility.

  • Women infertility is mainly because of stress, tension.
  • So whatsoever your tensions may be-try to be happy
  • Hang out with your partner in your free time and enjoy having a titanic pleasure.

You are tired, and your partner wants to have fun with you! So don’t make a problem come up saying some hard words but instead go soft and enjoy the same, you’ll surely forget the tiredness.