Wednesday 17 January 2018
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7 Health Benefits Of Jackfruit That Shouldn’t Be Ignored!

7 Health Benefits Of Jackfruit That Shouldn’t Be Ignored!

Jackfruit is one of the most widely found fruit in Asia. It is also one of the largest trees which produce fruit. The fruit contains a thorny outer layer and yellowish pod inside the fruit. Its flavor is sweet and juicy; inside every pod there is a seed which is rich in proteins. It contains most of the essential nutrients, vitamins and dietary fiber elements like the potassium, iron, folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, carotene, xanthin etc.

These pods are rich in sugar elements like fructose and sucrose- but no need to worry because it is gluten free and casein free fruit. It is seasonal and widely found in the summer season. It is used in making up of various food elements like the salads, sweets, toffees and even in sweet snacks.

These are filled with a variety o health benefits and also fun to eat. If you’re unaware of this tree- then I would like to say that you’ve surely missed the most important part of your life. This tree can be seen anywhere grown in the outside, doesn’t need a requirement to garden or water properly at times or any special care to be taken to grow this tree properly. This fruit is big in nature,  I remember an incident in my childhood days- once me and my friends  were returning back from school and on the way back home- saw a jackfruit tree and a beautiful jackfruit on the tree. We decided to climb up the tree and get that fruit-one of my friend was good in climbing and so he tried climbing it but as soon as he started climbing and reached half the tree, he couldn’t balance it properly and fell down suddenly. Poor fellow- he had a leg fracture and the fun we had was incredible. Even you must have had such fun on this jackfruit tree? If not, then surely you have missed a part.

But, apart from the enjoyment- the health benefits are unique

1.Healthy skin

  • It prevents aging
  • It prevents oxidation leading to free radical damage
  • It protects skin from pollution
  • It produces collagen in skin
  • Helps in keeping skin tight and firm
  • It helps in keeping skin hydrated due the high content of water

2.Hike in energy level

  • It is rich in sucrose and fructose
  • These sugars help in hiking the energy level of the body
  • It helps in checking the Ph level of the body
  • It increases metabolism
  • Helps in burning calories to produce energy
  • It doesn’t contain cholesterol- a bonus point for energy production

3.Controls high blood pressure

  • It is good for heart health
  • It is rich in vitamin C, potassium and vitamin B6
  • It is helpful in fighting against the free radicals
  • It controls the sodium level in the body
  • It regulates the blood pressure and strengthens the heart muscles
  • It checks the homocytesine levels in the blood

4.It keeps healthy eyesight

  • It is rich in vitamin A
  • Prevents against eyesight problems like the cataracts, night blindness etc
  • It also helps in proper functioning of retinal cells
  • It is also rich in luten, helpful in protecting against harmful UV sunrays
  • It also contains zeaxanthin- key ingredient for proper visual

5.Helps in fighting against thyroid risks

  • It improve hormone production of thyroid- maintaining the health of thyroid gland
  • It is rich in mineral- copper, acts a key role in maintaining thyroid gland
  • It fights against hypothyroidism
  • It helps in reducing the symptoms found during the dysfunction of the thyroid gland
  • There are other minerals like the zinc, magnesium which help in proper functioning of the thyroid gland
  • This even boosts the energy in your body

6.Fights against cancer

  • It is filled with phytonutrients and antioxidants which play a key role in preventing cancer and fighting against the cancer cells
  • The free radicals are destroyed which may lead to cancer cells
  • Phytonutrient types such as lignin, isoflavones are the substances which destroy the free radicals producing cancer. These are heavily found in jackfruits

7.Bone grows stronger

  • It is rich in magnesium
  • This magnesium absorbs calcium required for a better development in bone
  • Osteoporosis, is one type of bone disorder and can be prevented by consuming jackfruit regularly

It also improves the calcium content I the bone with the help of potassium present in the jackfruit