Thursday 18 January 2018
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6 Things Will Happen When You Don’t Have SEX For A Long Time

The thing about sex is that the more you have of it the more you want. And the less you have, the less you want it. You just forget that it is good.

Not having sex can be both good and bad for you.

Six things that happen when you don’t have sex

1.Erectile Dysfunction

We’re not saying this will happen but if you suffer from erectile dysfunction it can become worse when you abstain. The more sex you have, the more positive effect it has on your male equipment.

2.Vaginal muscle tightening

Your vaginal muscles don’t get any tighter if you don’t have sex. The only way they get tighter is if you do kegel exercises. But your vaginal muscles may forget how to relax if you don’t have sex for a while. Don’t worry, you will remember quickly!


Sex is an excellent stress reliever. Sex reduces stress and tension and helps you to relax. It’s a wonderful thing to do at the end of a tough day or when your emotions are high. Sex helps with fitness, cardiovascular health and good blood pressure.

4.Your immune system may suffer

Sex boosts the immune system. It does not have to be sex. Masturbation is also brilliant at releasing endorphins and making your body healthy and well. Sex helps to fight off infection and sickness.  Unless you have flu.  Wait until you’re better, so you don’t pass it on!


It is true that regular sexual activity keeps your libido high. The more you have, the more you want! Abstaining from sex may lead to less sexual desire and a lower sex drive.

6.Cardiovascular health

You can avoid the gym if you have regular sex. Sex is a great way to keep your body in shape and healthy. Your body will firm up and depending on the positions you choose, your abs, arms, legs, thighs, calves, inner thighs, and ever part of your body will strengthen. Plus, sex is aerobic so really good for your overall health.