Wednesday 17 January 2018
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6 Harmful effects of SKIPPING breakfast!

It is been heard from centuries that you need to have a full swing food in the morning when you get up! So why is it said so? Are they just saying because they are told from their ancestors to say so? No! There is a reason and this reason exists before the science explained it. It was not said without any reason but was said because they knew the reasons- and it was a simple logic which you need to understand. This logic is that you’ll be asleep for at least 8 hours at night and then before sleeping, the last time you ate something will be one hour before your sleep- so obviously you are hungry for 9 hours! This is the main reason to break the fasting at night- this tradition is followed and made compulsory that you have your breakfast.

Here is the list of certain problems which may incur if you avoid having breakfast:

1.Heart problems

  • More chances of heart attack then the people who have their breakfast regularly
  • Some experts believe that it is not so harmful to the heart, but they also agree that the people who have their breakfast regularly are pertaining less risks of heart attack.
  • Hypertension is the common element found in people who avoid breakfast
  • Other problems like clogging of arteries is also common in these people
  • Chronic cardiovascular health conditions and stroke are tending to high risk in people avoiding breakfast. This is a serious heart issue which can’t be avoided.

2.Increase in weight

Some people have a wrong concept about having breakfast. They say that if they go on diet and don’t have anything from morning to evening then they will become thin. Do you feel it’s true? Or do we really become thin by stopping to eat food? It’s a total shit! Seriously, how come the people come to such conclusions! Instead your weight will increase and you will still not understand because you were on diet and you were supposed to grow thin, how come I am still growing fat! This will be you biggest question then!

  • It will increase the cravings for sugary and fatty foods
  • You will be just gorging the food down whatever you eat the entire day.
  • It will increase your hunger levels and leads to increase in intake of calorie. It will even exceed the levels recommended for your health and it will cause increase in weight.
  • Practicing to skip breakfast will lead to more amount of gain in weight and not weight loss.

3.Affectscognitive functioning

  • Having a better and efficient breakfast will increase cognitive functioning
  • When experts performed tests on children – it showed that the cognitive function was better than those who didn’t have breakfast regularly in the morning
  • This was just proved in children but the adults also show the same result

4.Causes to migraines

  • Ignoring breakfast regularly leads to hypoglycemia
  • Hypoglycemia is the word used for low levels of sugar in blood; this also leads to release of hormones that can compensate the low glucose level.
  • It in turn increases the blood pressure i.e. leading to trigger migraines and headaches.
  • Also it is a reason that when you’re fasting, you are unable to supply sufficient amount of nutrients and vitamins to the brain and due to which it causes migraine and headaches

5.Increase in risk of type-2 diabetes

When there was a study between men and women- it proved that between women, the women had more risk of getting infected with type-2 diabetes then women who used to have habit of having breakfast regularly. Even men, suffer the same problem that they are having problems with type-2 diabetes due to lack of breakfast. If you think that you’re getting late in work, then please don’t think that you’re doing a great work by ignoring your breakfast because it will lead to a greater risk.

6.Mood and energy level decreases

  • It’s said to have negative impacts on brain and mood

I remember once that when I didn’t have money and no breakfast, I couldn’t control on my emotions and anger. I couldn’t realize that why I was getting upset and angry, but when I started having enough breakfast I didn’t come up with any such problems.

  • If you avoid your breakfast then it will largely impact your memory
  • The energy level of the brain will also decrease more than the level required.