Thursday 18 January 2018
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5 Ways To Cure Your Swelling Gums Through Homemade Remedies

5 Ways To Cure Your Swelling Gums Through Homemade Remedies

Tooth is the most important part of the body. It is important because it is in the located in the mouth and only way to eat your food for the living. Many must have experienced that what happens when we have problem with tooth! At least I have experienced- and that was the most horrible day for me. I started ignoring my tooth, like not keeping it clean, eating lots of chocolates and sometimes even not brushing. One day it came that I realized- I had a pain in my left tooth and I couldn’t control the pain. It was an incredible day for me when my mom took me to the dentist. I was totally bullied by seeing the equipment he had. I was literally crying as a small kid thinking he would use those machines on me. Later, he finally removed by tying up my hands.

From that day, I realized to take care of my tooth. Not only me, even you must have had a horrible experience.  If you haven’t, then good for you start keeping good care for you. But, here I have some interesting stuff for you to keep cure your swelling gums.

Even as a grown up, I sometimes think to myself about the past, and worried that the same shouldn’t repeat- I always brush twice a day and not ignore even if I find a small symptom. Now, I guess you’re suffering from the problem of swelling gums. So, don’t worry if it’s just the beginning but don’t allow it to go long. It will be in much severe condition than. Even avoid chewing tobacco- it will lead to decaying of gums and further more to even a situation where cancer cells are produced.

Natural cure to the swelling gums

1.Mustard oil

Glucosinolate is an active antimicrobial agent. Mustard oil is an anti-bacterial and will stimulate blood circulation and will also relieve inflammation. This is treatment only taken to reduce the pains, if this is effective than you are severely affected by gingivitis. You need to look for a dentist as soon as possible. The steps to follow are easy and there is no risk in massaging the mustard oil;

  • Take a tablespoon of mustard oil
  • Add a pinch of salt to it.
  • Wash your hands gently and clean them properly
  • Put your finger inside the mixture and apply it gently on the swelling portion
  • Repeat the same for some days to reduce the swelling.


It is an ancient home remedy and also a major part of lemon is been utilized in the ayurvedic medicines from ancient times. This natural product constitutes a special anti-bacterial property which reduces the swelling. Along with this property various vitamins and minerals are also present in the lemon. It is used in all types of swelling problems and considered as one of the best medicines to kill bacteria

  • Take a glass of warm water
  • Squeeze lemon into the water
  • Add about two pinches of salt to it
  • Stir it well- to get a good mixture
  • Gargle the stirred mixture for some time in your mouth and spit it out.
  • After finishing this above process, to a glass of water add a lemon juice and add honey to it
  • Stir it well and drink the stirred solution
  • Repeat the same procedure once a day


Alum is most popularly used as an antiseptic which kills germs.  It is available in the market in the form of white crystal rock in the grocery stores near your house. It is most widely used for medical applications and very easily available. It is too helpful in killing the bacteria causing swelling and give you relief:

  • Crush the stone into powder first
  • Now, add this powder to a warm water
  • Add a pinch of salt to the water
  • Stir well the solution
  • Now, squish the mixture in your mouth and after some time do once more
  • Do it repeatedly for several times

Now, after completing the procedure- rinse your mouth with good water and start the same from tomorrow.

4.Vitamin C

It is an antibiotic to fight against the bacteria and keep the body protected. If the intake or consumption of vitamin C increases then gradually, the swelling and the gums become stronger. There are many options or resources through which we can consume vitamin C. There are supplements along with many other fruits or eatables. Try consuming them- the more you can the better it is for you.

Consult a doctor

Even after the regular use of the above procedures, you cannot find a solution- then the best way to get a doctor help. He will diagnose it properly and make it a habit to get X-ray, as this is the best possible way to get your gums detected- what the problem it is suffering from. Even if the doctor says that you need to remove your tooth, then don’t stop him because it is the best way to get your gum healed faster.