Wednesday 17 January 2018
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5 Vegetables And Plants That You Can Easily Grow In Your Garden With Less Effort!

Vegetables and herbs are the ingredients which you need for your daily food. And if you’re a person who is interested in cooking and maintaining for the better health of the family than you will prefer healthy and fresh food for which you need to go to the grocery store regularly to purchase vegetables which is practically more difficult task for you. So what you can do? You can prefer gardening and growing the plants at your home.

These vegetables can be grown once again from the scraps and waste left over from the vegetables. Even the vegetables available are grown again in the same manner and this is a simple procedure where you need to follow to get the fresh vegetables as you do in the store.

Also by gardening you are cultivating a good habit and a habit to increase the quality of life. It is also meant to be a part of exercise- i.e. through gardening the body moves and helps in maintaining a perfect body, also helps in refreshing your mind making you get rid of any stress that you have!


This is an orange colored nutritious and tasty vegetable. It is nutritious especially to the kids who gain advantage to their eyes. It is very tasty too and many prefer eating it raw. Its leaves can be disposed off or can be used in the soups as even the leaves is nutritious as the vegetable is

  • It is a simple process and no special treatment is required to grow this vegetable in your garden
  • First cut the leaves including a little part of the carrot on the top
  • Now, take a small glass and place the carrot inside it such that it balances inside the glass.
  • Now, fill the complete glass with water
  • Make sure that the water level is till the end of the stump
  • Place the glass near window and observe that there is no direct sunlight available to the glass
  • Keep filling with water as required and see that the water level is full
  • After few days you can observe the roots bearing out.

2.Sweet basil

It is a popular ingredient which is used in the salad, soups and sandwiches. It has a fresh aroma and can be used in the cooking purposes and due to its property- it is one of the favorite ingredients in the kitchen

  • Cut the leaves just below their nodes using scissors
  • Take the leaves which are cut from the bottom of the plant
  • Place these leaves in the glass jar
  • Now, fill the jar with water and place the jar near the window where there is no direct sunlight available or falling on the jar
  • Keep adding water as required
  • Also keep changing the water to keep it clean. Change the water every 2 or 3 days
  • In few days you can observe tiny roots emerging from the leaves

3.Green onions

They are tasty green onion and even the roots and the shoots both are consumed in the soups, salads and many other food diets. It is a easy procedure to follow and grow this onion in the house

  • Cut the little part of the roots i.e. the end pieces along with the attached roots to it
  • Now, thoroughly wash the roots in running water to clean them up
  • Place the wash roots inside the plastic or glass transparent container which is filled with distilled water
  • Now, place the container in the area where sunlight is available in more proportions
  • Keep changing the water and cleaning it
  • After few days the leave will start booming, cut the leaves as per your requirement.’


This is an excellent herb not available or very difficult to find in the regular grocery stores, but now you can grow it in your garden. Also, people nowadays are purchasing this plant or growing in their garden to have lemongrass tea every day. It also has a great taste which can make you relaxed. It’s an easy process where you need to purchase it only once and then can grow it on your own at home

  • Get the lemongrass and cut a leaf with scissors
  • Wash the leaf in a clean water
  • Now, place this leaf in a transparent jar filled with filtered water.
  • Replace the water as per requirement to keep it clean
  • After a few days, roots start appearing
  • Remove these roots from the glass jar and replace it in the soil filled with pot
  • Now, place the pot in a place where there is availability of sunlight and keep watering it regularly


It is a plant with high nutrition value and it is essentially used in the salads, soups and many other such food diets which are consumed by people and also it is a cool- weather crop and also the most expensive crop- hard to find in many grocery stores

  • Take out the root from the celery after cutting the upper part for cooking purpose
  • Place the roots in the water for an overnight in the jar
  • Now, take a pot and fill it with soil
  • Place this root into the soil by gently placing it below the upper soil and placing a little soil more above it
  • After this, start watering the crop regularly to keep it moist
  • After few days, there will be visibility of celery growing from the soil

Be sure that you have placed the pot in the area where there is sufficient amount of sunlight.