Wednesday 17 January 2018
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Looking for a job? It’s common in people who look for a job after getting graduated, especially in the field which they are expert or wish to get! But most of the people don’t get the right path of how to prepare before going up for the job interview. Some fear, in cases if that is their first interview or they are poor in their communication skills- there are many such reasons where they feel that they are not yet completely prepared for the job interview. So they start hesitating that what might be the questions that would be asked and even how will the interviewer be- will he be good man or a strict person who might ask some twisted questions to solve! Nobody knows about it! Nor you and nor even me.

So what you can do? First, you should keep aside the fear of interview and say it to yourself that- ‘I am the best and I can do it’, than observe the quality of self-confidence that develops within you! If you’re not so sure yet than listen to my story- I have completed my degree and specialized in electronics engineering, there was an interview in the campus which I attended after getting through the various rounds and I was scared because it was my first interview- at one moment I had even made up my mind that I will not attend the interview ad was thinking to leave! Suddenly, I met up with my sir, who asked me- are you prepared? I didn’t have words to say in front of him! Looking at me, he came to know that I was afraid and so he took me with him to the café in the campus. He ordered a coffee and at the same time asked me this weird question- the interview is taken up by the humans, right? I was stunned at the moment thinking -what did he really mean? I said- excuse me sir! So he replied even I am a human and so you are! Even the interviewer is a human and so he is not going to eat you up if you go in there and answer to what he asks! He further added- look at the interviewer with confidence and with an attitude that you aren’t afraid of anything he asks! Just be confident of yourself and don’t think that an interviewer is sitting in front of you but instead think that I am sitting there and asking you these questions. Don’t make this weakness of getting afraid of him as a failure! He told me to ask yourself if you actually failed in this interview or didn’t even attend it- than what would happen? Obviously! You’ll not get the job. Instead go in there and sit in front of the interviewer and give a chance to yourself. This is at least good than accepting the failure in advance! That was the inspiration which I can never forget and the person who had made up his mind of not going to the interview had finally made up through the interview and got the job! See? A little self-confidence and by making up my mind I got a job at a very good post and a work which was of my interest!

But before going to an interview you need to take care of certain elements which are necessary and which is looked up be the person who is you interviewer:

1.Do your research

Research is must, about the company -its policies and views. But also you need to have a good knowledge about the work you’ve posted for! This proves the potential of your work and through this you’re providing him with an idea that you are a perfect option for them.

2.Dress well

Most of the companies prefer a dress with coat, but still research upon the dress code of the company also be well managed about your dress. It is always good to be overdressed than to be underdressed. For men, instead only with a formal shirt and tie, you can have an addition to it by wearing a coat. Same follow with the women so that you cans suite as per the company requirements.

3.Prepare for commonly asked questions

Some questions which the interviewer is used to asking like- what are your weaknesses? What is your strength? So be prepared for such questions which you need to be aware of! If the interviewer throws up any question to you than you should be prepared to answer it in one glance!

4.Print your resume

Get some extra resumes and make sure that you give it to every person whom you speak with! This demonstrates you consideration and forethought by printing copies of you resume and submitting it to everyone. Also make sure that you bring some copies extra in case- about 10 extra copies can do your work!

5.Plan your route

Being late is a bad effect on the interviewer, so to avoid this plan for your route- well, quite in advance so that you don’t get late or stuck up somewhere. Make sure that you leave from your place early than you think you should so that you can make up to the destination well quite in advance.