Wednesday 17 January 2018
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5 Tips To Maintain Proper Health Of A Sensitive Skin


What is a sensitive skin? Many of us have the same question in our mind!!

If we sweat more or come across dust, we start taking care of the skin irrespective of the skin is sensitive or strong. It is commonly followed in every location of the globe. But, what will you do if your skin is sensitive? Then you need to not keep your foot out of the home- but, this is merely impossible aspect! Than what is the solution next? Let your skin damage more by the environment? No, how can you allow this? – The best thing you can do for your sensitive skin is by using homemade remedies. How do you consider that your skin is sensitive? – have you ever absorbed that by using these cosmetics or due to temperature- you start having a skin is sensitive.

Ok, you want to pay visit to a doctor?

No worries, but remember that you are simply putting on your money and time. You have beautiful remedies for your beauty at your kitchen. Then, why you give your money to someone else to give you the products manufactured from the same ingredients. Just think over it- what did the people in past or our ancestors use to keep their skin safe and healthy? Off course, they used the home made products to get through their problems. Don’t get into conclusions, which will harm your skin by the chemicals added to the cream you are prescribed with. The alternate solution is utilization of homemade solutions which are free from any side effects.

Homemade remedies for sensitive skin- follow every day or at least once a week to make your skin healthy and more resistant towards allergies and pollutions

1.Maintain a proper hygiene

You must be on for a work or your college everyday and travelling is the worst situation where your skin is prone to dust. Ok, this can’t be avoided but at least it can be removed by keeping the face clean? Yes, you can! Just as soon as you reach your office – wash your face with a mild soap and wipe your skin softly with a clean cloth or tissue paper. Conserve this habit of washing your face every two hours, so that your skin is free from the harmful bacteria. And in the evening when you reach back to the home- follow the same procedure and be happy with a healthy skin. If you follow this and make it a basic routine, then you needn’t consult a doctor or go for any beauty product.


Even though in some situations, your skin needs some extra care, the must for a better skin care is. These products are neither costly nor any imported but a perfect domestic. You must be asking the question whether these beauty cosmetic products available in the market are for real or fake. You cannot judge the products but instead apply it blindly without any questioning further. But here, in case of home made products- you are the manufacturer and you will add quality to your product indirectly there will be no question about your product and can apply it to your skin without any fear. Here, are some of the beauty related products, which you will enjoy applying cost-free;


Milk is a natural product consumed by almost every planet on this planet. It is an awesome toner for sensitive skin. It can be consumed as a drink every morning and also directly applied on the face as a toner.

Drinking milk not only increases the value of face, but also increases the strength of the body. It reduces the heat and keeps your body fit.

  • Take cold milk in a bowl
  • Dip a cloth or cotton pad in the milk and apply it to the face
  • Allow it to dry for some time
  • Later, wash it with water.

This happens only in case of milk. That it is a multiple use product and the most consumed product.


It is applied on the oily skin to remove the extra shine and oil so that the skin oil level remains stable. Due to excess oil, the dust gets attached to the skin, and this makes it weak because of the deposition of unwanted bacteria on the skin.

  • Take powder oatmeal and an egg
  • Mix this oatmeal and the yolk of egg
  • Stir it well and apply to the face
  • Allow it to dry
  • Later, wash it with lukewarm water



4.Chocolate face mask

Chocolate is the best remedy to remove the scars. It also protects from the sun and pollution. It is good for face and has special qualities that it helps the body from the above given harmful products

  • Mix cocoa powder, honey avocado and maize powder in the ratio of 5:4:2:3. In this ratio add the components and mix it to get a face mask
  • Apply to the face and let it dry
  • After some time, wash it with lukewarm water.

5.Rose water

Rose water, by listening to the word itself anyone may say it’s related to beauty. Yes! This water is meant to be an excellent toner. It’s been used since ages and is still followed now. It’s a simple process. The rose water is also available in the market. It’s main aim being controlling the Ph balance in the skin.

  • Wash the face with mild soap and clean the face with clean and dry cloth
  • Dip a clean cloth in the rose water and apply it to the skin. After applying, let it to remain still.
  • Use the same daily and you will find a big difference.