Wednesday 17 January 2018
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5 Tips To Clear The Dead Cells Deposited On The Skin

Skin is the exterior part of the body and the largest organ exposed to external environment. it is filled with tiny pores used for the excretion of waste deposited inside the skin cells and also is the important part which protects the internal organs of the body. We cannot imagine our body without skin- so it’s our duty to take care of the skin as it takes care of our internal organs. These skin cells are responsible for the production of new skin cells from the inner layers and to remove the dead cells- you can observe them on your face.

But, as the age increases even the skin ages- and the skin becomes looser and this skin cycle reduces resulting in the accumulation of the dead skin cells on the outer layer of the skin. If we think that having a bath daily is only enough to get rid of the dead cells- then it is total false statement because only then we will be able to glow our skin when we have weekly exfoliation. This exfoliation is necessary as this process makes your skin smooth and clean removing the dead skin- it helps in the regeneration of a new set of fresh cells.

Now you may be confused which brand to purchase from the market for exfoliation? – But it is total false – you can prepare it by your own and it’s not much difficult to have a homemade remedy for your dead skin

1.Olive oil

It is a great scrub along with sugar mixed to it. These both act as a great partner, where in one hand the sugar removes the dark skin cells and in the other hand olive oil acts as a great moisturizer. It is easy to prepare and the steps are given below;

  • With half a cup of sugar and 3 spoons of olive oil
  • Mix these both ingredients in these quantities and stir well
  • Now, mix a little of lemon juice to this mixture
  • Apply this mixture to the skin
  • Leave it on the skin for a couple of minutes
  • Now rinse the face with lukewarm water


These are the one of the richest diets in supplying vitamins like A, E and also rich in property like antioxidant property- these all ingredients are responsible for maintaining a healthy younger skin.

  • Soak a couple of almonds in milk and leave it overnight
  • Next, in morning grind these avocados
  • Mix these grinded avocados with the honey approx 2 teaspoons
  • Now, apply on the face making a mask
  • Allow it to remain on the same for a couple of minutes until it dries
  • Now, rinse it off with lukewarm water

3.Use pumice stone

The pumice stone and lukewarm water is also a best solution to get rid of dead skin cells from the skin. Especially for the legs it is the best option to remove the dead cells

  • Get a tub of lukewarm water
  • Add few drops of liquid soap to it
  • Stir well with your hand
  • Now soak the legs in the tube for about 15 minutes
  • Remove your leg from the tub and rub the pumice stone on the feet where you find the dead cells
  • Now wash your feet with lukewarm water
  • Later wipe your feet with clean cloth
  • Do the same once a week

4.Dry brushing

It is a technique where it helps to remove the dead cells and clear the pores, and it also tightens the skin and helps in improving the texture of the skin

  • Do this part I the bathroom before bath
  • Now , start dry brushing with your brush on the parts of feet, ankles and other parts where you find the dead cells
  • Do this for 15 minutes
  • When you finish, now have a good bath with warm water
  • Later apply moisturizer, to moisturize your skin
  • Do it thrice a week to get rid of dead skin from the feet

5.Gram flour

It helps your body to lose the dead skin and glow it and the oil which leads to pimples and blackheads

  • Mix gram flour and rose water in the ratio of 2:5
  • Make a paste out of it
  • After making up this paste, apply it on the dead skin
  • Leave it on for 15 minutes to dry
  • Now, rinse it with lukewarm water
  • Try it 2-3 times a week and get a glowing skin                                                                                                                                                                                                           Image