Wednesday 17 January 2018
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5 things you should never, ever do to your vagina

When women think about their health, they only think about their organs and about the body whether it is perfectly maintained! They never think much about the vagina which may also cause a serious problem to them when it comes to its health condition. It is acidic in nature and several important bacteria and enzymes present are responsible to balance the Ph level of vagina. If any kind of problem relating to vagina arises then an unpredictable irritation and pain can be observed which can’t be ignored.

So, how to take care o vagina?

Taking care of vagina is not a difficult task- you need to only do is practice keeping a proper hygiene, dressing properly, exercising regularly and eating proper dietary food. Maintain these given steps properly will result in a healthy vagina. Also, the stress management is also an important step where it incurs a lot of problem to your vagina. There are several things which you shouldn’t do and avoid it for a healthy vagina;

1.Avoid douching

It is the process of washing the vagina with the liquid containing antiseptic and fragrances.Some women even use the mixture of water and vinegar to wash the vagina. Using these mixtures and artificial liquids to wash vagina may be very harmful to its health

Douching is practiced by women during menstrual cycles, to avoid any kind of sexually transmitted diseases and even to avoid pregnancy, but the experts say that it is not profitable to women for any of these situations

There are many advertisements about the douching in the market – speaking to avoid unpleasant odors using these douches, but it should be avoided at any cost as per the experts

2.Avoid piercing

Piercing nose and ears is acceptable and is followed from the generations but piercing tongue, lips and even the vagina is followed by many women which should be avoided

  • Clitoris and the clitoris hood are the two general areas of the vagina where they prefer piercing- the purpose is for sexual attraction but the affects from this is that it causes severe pain and nerve damage.
  • Skin irritation and infection is common due to piercing
  • This creates an opening in the body leading to the above effects

There are many piercing shops in the market which the women prefer but they may be at a high risk of diseases like HIV, hepatitis and also many sexually transmitted diseases.

3.Avoid Wearing tight underwear

The underwear should be loose and comfortable. Wearing tight underwear leads to skin irritation and even irritation.

  • Possibilities of ingrown hairs- difficult to treat and causes a lot of pain
  • Yeast infections are common due to wearing of tight underwear as the heat and moisture increases in the vaginal area.
  • Bulges and puckering also starts developing near vagina.

Underwear made up of pure cotton should be preferred more than the synthetic fabrics which may lead to yeast and bacterial infections.

4.Don’t use the same pad for too long

During menstrual cycle, the pad should be changed frequently to maintain a proper hygiene of vagina

  • The pad should be changed at regular intervals due to the risk of bacterial infection during the menstrual cycle
  • The Ph level of the women increases during menstrual cycle and if the pad isn’t changed for a long time then toxic shock syndrome can be caused.
  • This syndrome is a dangerous bacterial infection which is harmful and life threatening to the woman’s body.

5.Avoid sharp objects

Putting any kind of sharp object inside leads to a high risk of internal tear causing the internal bleeding and this is said to be very dangerous to the health of woman’s body

  • It also increases the risk of bacterial infection and lead to an uncontrollable irritation
  • There are many artificial elements in the market today designed for anal play. Don’t even use them as may cause bacterial infections to the vagina. Even avoid any kind a of vegetables as they may contain pesticides
  • Instead of using these objects, find a right way to please yourself and keep your vagina healthy

Even if you’re suffering of any cut or tear then don’t treat it on your own instead consult a doctor immediately before you suffer from any further problems