Thursday 18 January 2018
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5 Surprising things you didn’t knew about your body: Nipples and Breasts

Men and women both have a different body but are common in some things like the nipples present on the breast and chest of men. But, it is always seen that women are always at the centre of attraction due to sexuality, fashion etc. we can say that has made a tradition about women i.e. not only now but from ages it is been under discussion.

Women have nipples for the function of breast feeding of milk to their infants. Now, many have a question in their mind that both men and women have nipples than why do men don’t breast feed? It’s funny but when we see scientifically its correct because both have nipples then why is it that only the women feed. It is true that, even men contain with mammary glands but its only women who breast feed.

Are you aware of your body? -In fact about the nipples. Yes, nipples are produced in the womb of mother itself but have you ever tried to know much more answers about your body? It’s amazing and interesting;

Nipple develops in the womb

  • Instead all women only do the work of breast feeding than why even men have nipples?
  • The reason is that even though let the female breast feed, but the body starts developing the nipples from the period when it is in the stage of embryo.
  • When the male embryo is chosen by the testosterone for the development inside the fetus- it completes an important work of blocking the development of all the female ducts and by this method the male get the production of nipples but don’t get the properties as the female does have.

These results in the development of men nipples and the breasts of men remain flat but in case of female, it goes the opposite.

They leak a certain fluid

Mostly, women have leak from their nipples even if they are not in pregnancy period, but due to other factors they have a leak of certain fluid from their nipples ad that is quite common which can be ignored

When the nipples are squeezed- a certain fluid which can be watery or whitish in color is seen to be discharged from the nipples. It can be also of various densities like thick or thin. This is a common factor that can be observed in women

Jogging and stopping to breast feed also turn out to be reasons in some conditions where we can observe a fluid leak.

Nipples are never equal

In case of men or women- let be for breasts or nipples there are never equal as like mirror images and this is nothing to worry about. It is common in nature

This is a surprising fact that- the left breast is a little bigger than the right one and is considered to be common and as per science it is known to be asymmetry.

When there is any kind of injury or infection-the difference in the sizes of the breast can be noticed while in normal conditions it is not visible clearly

Their size keeps varying

Prominently during menstrual cycle, breasts keep varying and it may cause for some so pronounced that a cup shaped bra will be needed to put on!

During menstrual cycle there can be observed changes in hormone level leading to change size

At certain point before menstrual cycle- not only size but also there exists a pain in breasts. These pains cannot be avoided as they are the signs for upcoming periods.

When a woman is pregnant- sometimes the breast start indicating the pregnancy before the stomach start showing. This is because of the production of breastfeeding capability of the woman

Breast feeding – it is a process where the mother feeds her baby and hence keeping her breast clean and healthy.

What do erect nipples symbolize?

There is a wrong conception by many people that erect nipple symbolizes a sexual arousment. This is a total wrong thinking. In fact you need to maintain your nipples to be healthy so that they are erect in nature. But, also at certain conditions it can also be accepted that sexual arouse is also the reason for erect nipples.

It mainly occurs due to the contraction of sooth muscles which happens due to the control of automatic nervous system

Condition like the change in temperature, cloth rubbing and breastfeeding- are some of the reasons why it is erect in nature.