Wednesday 17 January 2018
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5 STUPID things you shouldn’t do after breakup!

We are into plenty of influential statements made by people to overcome breakups. Do you really feel- it is helpfulfor you overcome the pain you’re in? It’s the same way like a doctor puts a small piece of folded paper in his patient’s mouth and tells him that it is a medicine which will cure him- it happens to be a working medicine because the patient feels as though he’s recovering, it really sucks, right?- because the patient starts feeling that he’s getting better. I don’t understand about how the people get into such stupid tricks- these tricks workout only when the person is capable to playmind games and nothing more.

This incident can be related to a person who is broke up with her/hispartner, which makes you to think one among thesolutions given below should workout to keep yourself away from his memories. It’s a human tendency (can’t change) but I can suggest you just one solution – keep your mind cool and don’t approach to any solution or to create any mess in your life.

Everyone has angeron a person whom we love, if he cheats or leaves us in the middle and we don’t want any such kind to happen with us because we are addicted to the person we love. He might have cheated upon you or left due to some reason, there can be anything which has turned him to leave you- so for the first is don’t do any such mistakes as listed below:

1.Avoid drinking and party after breakup

You may feel comfortable drinking with your girlfriends and partying hard may make you forget the person you broke up with but you’ll never feel it better the other day. You will again be in the same feeling as you were earlier. There is no such theory that you’ll be free from any such emotions by drinking whole night and partying but instead you’ll be in a big mess the other day because it will affect you so hard that there will be no other option then to catch your head and sit. The worst art is the hangover and in this situation -when you tell the guy you kiss in the parking lot about the STD which your ex gave you! There is a total mess at that point of life, you’re out of your consciousness, this will nowhere lead you not even to your home- the alcohol has taken complete control over you- so what will you do at this position of time?

2.Over share your status

There is no need or to share your relationship status and other formalities like- whether you got divorced or about the break up with the person you loved most in your life. Ignore even updating about your mood like depressed, angry or any such emotional stress. It is no need to scream out loud and say’ I am angry or depressed’. If you ask me the reason- there’s a simple reply; Dignity: don’t let it to go away from you. This is the most important aspect, there can be countless relationships and breakups but dignity is only once which comes to you and once lost, it never returns.

3.Bed with someone else

This has become a trend for the generation, going to bed with a new guy can make you feel better- this is a total bullshit and who has told you this? By doing so you’re just committing a new mistake to overcome the old mistake. You don’t even know whether the guy you chose at the very first instance is a perfect choose for you or no! Don’t you think that it is a big mistake and almost similar to the first mistake you’ve done? We humans have a natural tendency that think about the mistakes after committed and then curse ourselves for what we’ve done. So what can we do to avoid this!- it’s simple to avoid any such steps which are taken under critical conditions and opt to situations where you can keep your mind cool and calm- such that you can think intelligently.

4.Avoid call or text your ex

There was a day when not even a single second you were away from your ex and now? – You’re single, can’t avoid yourself from calling him or texting him. But, I am sorry dear, you need to follow this and at least for several months you need to avoid call or texting him. It’s the only way and trust me through this you’ll be able to completely forget him.

5.Avoid keeping her/him in sight

Delete or even unfriend her/him at every step where you were used to follow her/him and the activities he indulged in with friends. So, better unfollow her/him to keep her/him out of sight. It is because- the more she’s/he’s in sight with you, the more you’ll remember her/him. There can also be a possibility that she’s/he’s with someone and she/he updates her/his status about the new relationship she’s/he’s in! Your phone will bring up the message and upon seeing it- you’ll totally crash down. The more you’re away from her/him- the more you can forget her/him, unfriend her/him on facebook, delete her/his number, unfollowher/him on twitter and block her/him at every networking website- you’ve been following her/him. This will surely help you to forget about the relationship you were in and allow you to start with a fresh life.

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