Thursday 22 February 2018
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5 simple ways to protect against online identity theft!

There has been a lot of news around the world about the account theft and theft of personal information and financial information which is very important in today’s world. Protecting and keeping in secret your birth name, date of birth, account password and other legal documents is a very important job and if you’re successful in doing so, that would be a real good job from your end!

So, how can you make it happen?

It’s an important job for you, as all your transactions and money is located at your account and if leaked or stolen it may cause a high risk to you. There are about 8 tips listed below through which you can protect your account and safeguard it in a better way!

1.Opt for Mobile banking alerts

Apart from updating your bank accounts and getting a bank statement at the end of every month- you can opt to signing up the mobile banking. It is common and widely serviced by most of the banks which includes a simple procedure- you can download the app projected by the banking institution and sign up using the user ID and the password provided by the bank. They also provide you with mobile and email alerts in case there is a transaction or purchase of huge amount from your account. You can monitor your account and in case you observe any transaction unknown to you- immediately contact the bank authority.

2.Avoid being lazy about your passwords

It’s always time saving by saving the passwords in computer after you login the first time, but then it calls for a security breach! It might be a high risk factor in case you have saved the bank account password in your computer, so it’s better to type the password and by not saving it. Most of the people are prone to this habit which result in incidents like unidentified money transfer or purchase of costly things through the credit card. To avoid such situations, be careful about the passwords of not sharing them with anyone and keep changing them at regular intervals. Also, try keeping some unique passwords to avoid any theft!

3.Be aware of fake mails

Hackers have a huge amount of tricks to fool you- in most of the cases they send you emails displaying as though they’refrom the legitimate banks or from the company with which you have business with! Be aware of such fake mails- they ask you to click on the mail or the links they provide, these links provide them direct access to your computer and even they may contain malware, installed to damage the vital information in your pc. At some instances you get calls- saying that they are the employees of the banking institutions -askingyou to provide your personal information and other account details. This information is very crucial and by which they can get access to your credit cards. In case you get such calls- the best option is to immediately call up the bank and inform them about the call.

4.Limit the personal data you share on social media

The data which you share on the social media or the social networking websites can be used by the hackers against you. Thefts love people who share too much on their social media like sharing your phone number onFacebook or your birth date, or even the name of your dog, which you love- all these personal information you share is used by the thieves, by this they get to know- the people from whom they can get their personal information and account details. So make sure that you don’t share excess of information and also try keeping your privacy settings strong. You should also check that you’re not friends with people that you don’t know, if in such case then remove such unknown people from your friends list.

5.Secure your mailbox

Some hackers don’t even leave the opportunity of stealing your mails from the mailboxes. They steal them because they hope they might find some vital information about your credit card details-like the credit card statement or the offers credited to you. These are sensitive documents which you need to take care of and make sure you put a lock on your mailbox.Also a 2-step verification can be the best option to avoid any further threats of stealing mails from the mail box. Don’t leave the mailbox unlocked while you’re away or out of town, this will cause a threat of mails getting stolen.