Thursday 22 February 2018
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5 Simple Home Remedies For Sweaty Palms

This is not commonly seen but we find in some people with their palms sweating all the time and they feel offended sometimes to shake hands due to this reason. Are you suffering from the very same problem? Don’t worry; you can seek it out easily with the help of these below given home remedies. These are generally found in your kitchen which you use it for daily diet. There are many other such preferences like consulting a doctor. But, it’s not a big deal to go up to doctor but you can instead use these home remedies to a greater extent. If you feel so that you’re still not able to recover than you can go look for a doctor.

But, I prefer these home remedies can be the easy way to solution

1.Apple cider vinegar

This is vinegar which boosts your body metabolism and reduces obesity. This serves as the most important for sweaty palms as this reduces obesity and obesity is the main cause for the hyperhidrosis and popularly it helps in keeping the Ph of the body balanced. Follow the following procedure to obtain well balanced palms:

  • Firstly, wash your palms with lukewarm water cleanly
  • Now apply the raw apple cider vinegar which is unfiltered- onto the skin.
  • Leave it the same and go to bed (apply apple cider vinegar before going to bed).
  • If your skin is sensitive, then mix the apple cider vinegar with a small quantity of water to make it dilute and then apply
  • The next day have a clean bath and then follow the same procedure for every night
  • After, washing away the applied apple cider vinegar- mix the apple cider with rose water in equal quantities
  • Apply the solution to the palm several times a day
  • Follow this entire procedure for the entire day and within days you’ll be free from the problem.

2.Lemon juice

It is a natural deodorant and also a good fighter against the bacteria available on the palms. These bacteria may cause harmful to the palm skin and also cause damage.

  • lemon juice is mixed with 1 teaspoonful of baking soda to make a paste
  • apply this paste on the various infected parts of the palm gently
  • now let it remain on the same for about 15 minutes
  • later rinse of the paste
  • also, early morning, before going to bath follow the below procedure
  • take a tub of water and add some lemon juice to it
  • take a clean cloth and dip this into the water with lemon juice
  • now gently rub this cloth on all over the body
  • leave it on for a couple of minutes
  • now take a clean bath


It is helpful in blocking the pores and ducts that secrete sweat. This is also recommended as juice which due to its cooling properties has a better effect on the health by reducing the body temperature to a considerably lower level.

  • Take a tomato and cut it into fine slices
  • Later, rub the slices on all over the body or on the infected skin of the palm
  • Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse it with lukewarm water
  • Also get the paste of grinded tomato and apply it on the infected area
  • Leave t on for a couple of minutes and then rinse it off
  • The tomato juice can also serve as the best ingredient for your sweaty palms.

4.Black tea

Black tea must be surprising you- that home come it helps in solving you problem right? It’s only because of the content called tannins- which is available in black tea. This tannin blocks the pores and prevents excessive sweating.

  • This is a common procedure and you do it-
  • Drink 3 cups a day of black tea everyday to have a better palm
  • Also you need to make use of the black tea bags.
  • The moist tea bags are recommended to be kept on the palms for about 10 minutes.
  • This can be done as many times you wish to in a day
  • Also the black tea you prepare- prepare a black tea first
  • Then allow it to cool down
  • Now, soak your palms inside the vessel and stay on the still for some time

5.Eat magnesium rich foods

Sweating of hands is due t the deficiency of magnesium and this serves the main purpose that you need to eat more eatables that are rich in magnesium. This mineral is one of the important resources to keep the sweating level checked and block the excessive sweating. So, also you need to get checked from a good doctor to understand whether your magnesium level is under control. For this, you need to also eat eatables like avocado, bananas, walnuts, and potatoes etc which are rich in magnesium and help you control the sweat glands.