Thursday 22 February 2018
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5 reasons why dandelion herb should be taken regularly!

Dandelion is perennial herb which is yellow flowering and it consists of long, deeply serrated leaves which are good for health. If you are having this in the garden and you don’t have any idea about this then try to know its benefits.

It is one of the oldest herbs used in ayurveda and home remedies to cure many health problems relatedto kidney, liver and stomach. It is said that the leaves, roots and the stem of this herb is highly nutritious and edible. It is rich in both vitamins and minerals such as A, B complex, C, D, zinc, iron, magnesium etc. this is an excellent herb which can be consumed regularly with daily food. The dandelion leaves are bitter in flavor so it can be used well with salads, fry fishes or even with tea or coffee.

As you observed it is rich in vitamins and minerals, so even the health benefits are great, let’s understand its health benefits;

1.Helps in weight loss

The dandelion is rich in phytochemicals due to which diuretic and laxative compounds in the body increases.

  • Due to increase in diuretic and laxative benefits , the volume of urination increases and which in turn helps in getting rid of water weight
  • It’s another important benefit is after the intake of dandelion in the body, only the frequency of urination increases and water weight is removed from the body and not the fat.
  • It’sinvolved in breakdown of fat and cholesterol.
  • Dandelion root is well known to suppress appetite in the body.
  • This herb can be taken as tea by adding some leaves or in salad. But, never take this herb for long periods and before taking this herb consult your doctor then take.


  • It is a good tonic to maintain well balanced liver health.
  • The liver functioning is maintained due to proper metabolizing of fat accumulated in the liver.
  • It is involved in detoxification of liver by increasing the flow of bile.
  • It is also good for hepatic disorders in the body
  • Aqueous extract from the dandelion root has hepatoprotective effects against alcohol-induced oxidative stress.
  • The dandelion roots have hepatoprotective effects which allow them to fight against toxicity induced by acetaminophen, which if left unchecked, later causes hepatitis, cirrhosis and at last hepatic transplant.

Thedandelion leaf extract is efficient in both protection and prevention against obesity. This obesity is related to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

3.Prevents cancer

  • It’s rich with antioxidant properties and hence removes the free radicals from the body.
  • As it is effective in removing the free radicals, it is also effective in killing the cancerous cells.
  • Experts say that the dandelion root extracts contain a particular type of compounds which are of anti-cancer agents.
  • It plays a prominent role in treating leukemia.
  • The dandelion root extract is composed of such type of components that act as apoptosis when it is induced on cultured leukemia cells.
  • The root-extract is also said to be a chemotherapeutic who acts against the chemo-resistant cancer (aggressive in nature).

It’s also said to operate in pancreas with effecting only on the cancer cells and not harming the non-cancerous cells. This is only possibly due to its potential to induce apoptosis and autophagy in pancreatic cells of the body.

4.Maintains blood pressure

As it is a diuretic in nature, it increases the frequency of urination resulting excess loss of sodium and potassium from the body helping the body to lower the blood pressure.

  • Blood pressure of the body is well regulated in the body due to the presence of fiber and potassium in the herb.
  • The fiber present in dandelion is also helpful in reducing the cholesterol level in the body and this is assisted in lowering the blood pressure
  • The risk for heart disease is considerably low due to control in cholesterol and blood pressure levels.

5.Digestive system

Dandelion roots and leaves are edible in nature and hence they are used to improve the digestive system and strengthen it for proper digestion.

  • This herb stimulates appetite and preserves the bacteria inside the intestine which is beneficial for the digestion process.
  • Bile and stomach acid is increased by this herb to increase the digestion process.
  • Muscular sphincter which is connected between the stomach and intestine is relaxed by increasing pressure on the stomach.This process improvesdigestion of the body.

This herb is also rich in fiber which prevents constipation.