Wednesday 17 January 2018
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5 Nutritional Benefits Of Consuming Brown Rice Instead Of White Rice!

Rice is the major food to most part of the world. In every country or continent you see, the major part is dependent on the rice- so why is it so? Have you ever thought about it? Or just eating it up because it is consumed by your forefathers and since you were child, even you’ve cultivated the same habit. Have you ever tried to know the secret behind this? There is not really such called secret but it’s the health benefits that you obtain from this grain.

Now what is brown rice? You might have only seen the white rice. Have you ever noticed that along with white rice, some grains are brown in color? Yes! Exactly, that’s the brown rice. When the rice is raw with its shield layer that is the hull on to it, when this skin layer is removed-we get the nutritional brown rice. This brown rice is high in nutritional value but has a disadvantage is that it is highly susceptible to oxidation, once the skin is removed. But this brown rice is rich in all the dietary fiber and essential fatty acids. This brown rice is further polished to obtain the white rice- not so nutritional value as of the brown rice but still a rice to consume.

Now, why do they really remove the brown rice layer and convert into the white rice?

The answer is simple to say that is business- or for the long life of the grain. If the brown rice is not converted to white rice by removing the aleurone layer of the grain, than the possibilities of damaging the grain would be larger. If you are a farmer, then you would be better knowing about this. But still after polishing- some grains cannot be converted and try eating those grains- how tasty they are. It is all just because of their high nutritious value.

Health benefits of brown rice

  1. Reduction in weight in women

As per study women who consume high protein food have less weight- that’s true! But the women who consumed whole brown rice are 42 times more prone to reduce weight. Than what with the people consuming white rice-do they lose their weight? No! Because, all the nutrients and vitamins are lost during the refining process of the grain. The women suffering from the weight problems can go for this rice which is available at the market. Though it is costly than the white rice due to its unstable factor and less life- it is the best way for women to reduce weight and maintain a well-balanced body.

  1. Rich in fiber and selenium

It is a high content or storage of protein and selenium than any other food product.

The protein present in the brown rice reduces the risk of colon cancer by minimizing the colon cancer substances in the body

  • Even selenium is a good mineral which reduces the risk of colon cancer
  • Selenium present is responsible for the thyroid hormone metabolism and immune system
  • Selenium acts as one of the ingredient in cancer prevention mechanism
  • It also repairs the DNA and synthesizes the damaged cells
  • It is a supporting system to various antioxidant systems throughout the body
  • Selenium supporting antioxidant system prevents heart disease
  • It decreases the symptoms of asthma, the pain related to it and also reduces the inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis
  1. Checks cholesterol levels
  • The unsaponifiable compound found in the oil present in brown rice is responsible to lower the cholesterol in body
  • It acts as an important for cardiovascular health as it reduces cholesterol
  • Many other nutrients are present apart from the oil, which play a key important role in cardiovascular health
  • It contains fiber, magnesium and vitamin B responsible for healthy heart
  1. Contains of plant lignans
  • A phytonutrient is present in brown rice called plant lignans
  • This plant lignan is converted into mammalian lignan by the friendly flora in the intestines
  • And also is converted into eterolactone, which protects against the breast cancer and heart disease
  • Compared to most of the food diets, brown rice is high in plant lignans

Other nutrients

Magnesium is a nutrient which brown rice is rich in, which helps in reducing the risk for asthma

  • It also checks the blood pressure, reducing the frequency of migraine headaches and also helps to reduce the risk of heart attacks
  • Magnesium balances calcium in the body and regulates muscles and nerves
  • Magnesium helps in keeping the nerves relaxed by balancing the calcium
  • Magnesium including calcium is responsible for healthy bones.

Researchers are still researching the extraordinary qualities of brown rice apart from these beneficial and this is not just an end – but a beginning when the age will come that the consumption of brown rice will spike and white rice will reduce.