Thursday 22 February 2018
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5 Important Facts You Should Know That Damage Your Hair!

Hair is the most important part to build up the beauty of the body- it is the reason why the companies are spending so much money for the discovery of new and advanced technology in getting beauty products for hair health. It is also because of the growing craze in the market which has enabled the beauty industries to focus more on the production of hair related products. Even you must be concerned about your hair? Sometimes, you find some hair on your towel or on the bed- you start fearing- now, what to do about hair fall. Right?

It’s better to prevent than to cure!

This phrase is repeatedly said by many great thinkers of the world and it is even true in matters of reality. So, there are certain things which you shouldn’t do or avoid doing it. By this, you’re protecting your hair and helping them to grow strong. Everyone tells you about what to do, but here it is about what not to do!

1.Avoid stress

  • It’s the reason for hair fall because it affects the mental and physical health of the body
  • There is a disadvantage of stress- it is that if any stressful event occurs with you, then that enables a 3-months continuous hair fall
  • But not to worry because immediately after nine months the hair grows back.
  • For stressed people, the hair follicles are harmed and are considered to be the major target in the body
  • It is also responsible for causing dermatological problems

To avoid stress you need to take care by exercising, meditating regularly. Only by this way you will be able to solve your problem

2.Avoid poor diet

They say what you eat shows up outside on the skin. It is right- whatever you eat also changes the hair follicles. This is a real crucial matter as this symbolizes that your body doesn’t contain proteins or vitamins etc

Proteins, essential amino acids and other such ingredients are responsible for the growth of the hair follicles

For the better growth of hair and hair follicles you need to consume food diet with rich in proteins and vitamin E- also containing other ingredients like copper and zinc.

3.Swimming in chlorinated water

Chlorinated water is not good for health even though swimming is good for health.

  • It causes the hair to become frizzy and fragile due to the byproducts available in the water which use chlorine as a disinfectant
  • It is the reason for decrease in hair shine, as the natural oil present in the hair shaft is removed by this chlorine present in water
  • A swimming cap is the best option in chlorinated waters because it will protect your hair follicles from getting damaged and prevents in coming contact with the chlorine water.
  • The alternate option is to apply the shampoos immediately after you complete the swim and don’t allow it to dry on the skin.

4.Tight hairstyles and brushing while it’s wet

The hairstyles which the girls make up like the pony, knots and buns are the most of the causes for hair to fall or get damaged.

  • Hair breakage and hair damage are the two main reasons which occur due to excessive tension on hair follicles
  • In the worse condition, it leads to the permanent damage of the hair follicles- which will make the growth of the hair rarely impossible
  • Hair roots are gradually affected the most due to such pressures and cause the reason for hair loss.
  • When the hair is wet- it is more prone to break due to its fragile nature
  • Alternate solution is to comb your hair before washing it!

5.Excess washing of hair

When it comes to hair, you need to limit washing your hair as excess washing may lead to hair fall

  • Even, also people apply excess of shampoo to the hair- this is a common mistake in every person today.
  • Only use the shampoo maximum 4 times a week and not more
  • Even the hot water shower causes a huge loss to your hair

Regular shower is pleasant and beneficial to your health but a long period hot shower will cause a considerable damage breaking the hair and causing damage to the hair follicles of the body.