Wednesday 17 January 2018
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5 Common dry skin problems you should be aware of!

Dry skin is a major problem nowadays and especially the women are worried more, to ensure that their skin is free from such dry skin; they opt to go for creams available in the market and try to resolve this problem. But, some women don’t take adequate care about these upcoming problems due to dry skin.

So why is this so important that we should take care of this dry skin?

It is important not just because it shouldn’t look odd on the skin but it is important because the dry skin can cause serious problems in the near future. It may lead to issue problems by causing various types of infections and these infections if unchecked will lead to various deadly forms on the skin which can also be incurable. So why is that you take risk with your skin? Instead, you can treat it when it is in the initial stage. Here, there are some of the serious infections caused due to the dry skin-through which you’ll understand the importance of treating dry skin problems:


  • A serious chronic issue called as the psoriasis is caused due to dry skin inflammation
  • Psoriasis can also be due to genetic disorder or hereditary, transferred from your ancestors
  • People suffering from heart disease are more often in a high risk to attain psoriasis. Even the obese people who are suffering from diabetes are prone to these problems, as said by experts.
  • It is a critical condition because there is no drug that can cure this symptom and hence it is known as incurable disease.


  • Rashes is common among people suffering from dry skin problems
  • Red sores and inflammation produced in the skin due to dry skin results into rashes. This is the reason that rashes can’t be named as an infection but it is the symbol of dry skin.
  • Poison ivy, heat rashes are some of the commonly found rashes in the people having trouble with dry skin.
  • Rashes can be the result of any organism like the bacteria, fungi or even any type of viral bacteria. It can be in any form on the skin.
  • In order to treat these rashes, OTC is a drug which can effectively clear the rashes.
  • The most important thing is consult your doctor as soon as possible if you find any symptoms of rashes and if it persists for many days.


  • Itching on the skin is caused due to many reasons like dry skin, mosquito bites, and exposure to sun rays etc.
  • Itching forces the person to scratch on the surface and this leads to complications like the bacterial and fungal infections.
  • To avoid itching, many people prefer creams available in the market specially designed to decrease itching sensation on the skin
  • Though in serious condition where lesions are observed on the skin, and then prefer consulting a doctor rather trying to find solution by yourself.
  • If the pain is unbearable- the doctors prefer a medication known as corticosteroid.

4.Skin tags

  • These skin tags are observed mostly in the middle aged adults
  • There are small and soft which grow on the skin. These can be found in the areas like neck, under the breast and even near the eyelids.
  • The treatment for this can be non-surgical but if the infection is complicated then surgery is required to treat this.

5.Athlete’s foot

  • This infection affects the toes and soles of the body.
  • When your foot is infected and if it is left unchecked then it spreads to other parts of the body too.
  • It is affected when the foot of the body comes in contact with the contaminated floor or substances
  • It is realized when there is a heavy pain and itching in the foot or at the infected toe.
  • The medications are provided by understanding the nature of infection- if the infection is due to fungi, and then OTC medications are preferred to be the best medicine.
  • To prevent the dry skin for the foot- try to wear cotton or perforated socks and even keep your foot as dry as possible.
  • These are some of the infections due to dry skin and may result in to further serious problems if left unchecked. So, you need to decide now- whether you wish to treat your dry skin on time or do you wish to wait until it grows into a serious problem? The answer is simple, but applying this answer also is very important!