Thursday 22 February 2018
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5 Best Home Remedies For Eyes To Free From Any Infections

Eye is the most important part of our body and it is never good of risking of taking a chance and performing some new experiments on the eye due to an irritation or some problem in the eye. This will hamper the vision and may cause damage to the retina. World is so beautiful- they say because they can see! Even you see- but find for a home remedy is the best solution for all the problems you have pertaining to your eye. It may be a slow process but a better process.

There are several problems pertaining with the eye like the conjunctivitis, hordeolum, blepharitis, orbital cellulitis, keratitis and dacryocystitis. These are some of the common seen problems in people and so here are some of the home remedies to solve these problems:

1.Warm compresses

This is most effective in killing the bacteria present and removing the excess oil of the eyes. It also increases the metabolism of the eye.

  • First get a clean towel and a small tub of water
  • Now heat the water, or some time
  • Dip the towel inside the tub to have a wet, moist towel.
  • Apply this wet towel onto the eyes by closing your eyes.
  • There will be the secretion of oil or debris from the eye. So, clean this debris with the help of clean cloth


This is the most effective mixture of salt and water which helps in removing the debris and destroying any presence of bacteria and avoiding any kinds of infections. It is a simple procedure given below which you can follow easily

  • Take a small tub of water and 1 teaspoonful of salt or the quantity in which you’re comfortable
  • Mix the both contents and stir well
  • Now, boil the solution of water and salt to a normal level
  • Allow it to cool down- wait until the water is completely cooled
  • Now, using this solution rinse your infected eyes
  • Do this at least 3 times a day to see effects


Honey is the best ingredient to kill bacteria. Studies have shown that it is helpful in diseases like the meibomian gland disease and also avoids any kind of infection in the eyes. The procedure follows of applying homey is quite simple and natural

  • Take a small quantity of honey and mix it with equal quantities of distilled water
  • Now, this mixture is applied onto the eye by using a cotton ball or a cloth instead
  • By applying this solution 3 times a day regularly- you’ll be free from any future symptoms.

4.Green tea

Green tea is rich in tannins- a special property which helps keeping the bacteria at bay and not causing any infection to the eyes. It is good for itchy eyes due to the presence of various varieties of nutrients and antioxidants that are good for the health of eyes;

  • Take two green tea bags
  • Now, take a cup of hot water
  • Dip both the tea bags into the water and in the same way as you do while drinking green tea
  • Now, slowly squeeze the excess water in the tea bag into the cup
  • Now, place both tea bags and cup of water to cool down
  • When they both cool down- keep them in the refrigerator so that they completely get cooled
  • First, take out the cup of green tea mixture and wash your eyes with the solution
  • Now take out the two bags and place it onto your eyes for about 1 minutes
  • Repeat the same procedure regularly everyday to have a good vision and free from any infections

5.Boric acid

It helps to get rid of eye infections i.e. redness, burning sensation etc. it also helps as a remedy to any infection and soothe irritation due to its properties like antibacterial and antifungal. It is also a simple procedure and the boric powder you’ll find it any super market.

  • Mix the boric acid powder with filtered water
  • Boil the mixture and allow them to cool
  • After which through the cheesecloth- clean the mixture to get a pure mixture of water and boric acid
  • Now cool down the mixture to normal room temperature
  • Wash your eye with this mixture to get rid of many eye infections