Thursday 22 February 2018
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5 best Exercises that strengthen the hips and relieve pain

There are many people who would like to have hips like the same as that of the famous actresses, it’s especially for ladies and it is important because it is the point where the movements of the lower body are dependent on the hips!

In United States, the experts say that there is a hike in hip replacement where the girls are involved in the process due to the improper functioning and the development of the hips and it also depends on the beauty of it. Girls are more concentrated on the beauty of the hips especially with the middle-age of the girls are more involved with this procedure but with these exercises you can naturally take care of the health and the health of the hips.

It’s very important to improve the hip muscles because due to which the lower part of the body depends and you should work towards the improvement of their strength and flexibility


This exercise is especially for the back and the quadriceps of the legs. It strengthens the muscles and allows for the greater metabolism of these muscles

  • Fist lie straight down on the back with your hands placed beside on the either sides
  • Now, slowly bend your legs so that the feet comes closer to your bottom
  • With the support of the feet lift your bottom towards up and with the hands placed beside
  • Lift your bottom in such a way that the hips are in line with the shoulders and remain in the same position for few seconds
  • Repeat the same exercise for several times and take a break later

You can again continue with the same procedure

2.Leg cycling

It works mostly on the hips to bring flexibility into it, they also enable in strengthening the muscles so that they become strong enough to strengthen the lower part of the body

  • First be in our initial position by lying down on the back
  • Now, slowly bend your legs towards your bottom
  • Bring the bended legs up, positioning like a cycle movement
  • Now, start in the action like you cycle for about a minute
  • Come back to the original position
  • Rest for a while and start the same procedure again
  • Do this exercise for at least 2-3 reps

3.Butterfly stretch

It is an important exercise which involves the overall muscles of the lower part of the body. itimproves the flexibility and the strength of the muscles involved with the lower part of the body

  • First, sit on the mat
  • Now bend your legs such that the soul of the feet of both the legs touch each other
  • Hold them tightly with your hands and see that you balance yourself
  • Now, slowly breathe for some seconds by holding on the same position.
  • Slowly move your legs like a butterfly for several times so that the strength and flexibility of the muscles increases
  • Take some rest and continue the same rep
  • Follow the same procedure for several times in a day


This exercise strengthens the upper side of the hip muscles and the outer muscles as they stretch them through this exercise.

  • Sit on the floor with your legs bent such that the hips touching the chest (a bit away from the chest) and the feet facing straight in front of you
  • Both the legs should be bent at a comfortable distance or at the distance width of your chest
  • Keeping one leg firm on the ground, slowly get the another leg down in such a way that the leg is not bent and move it towards the other leg down
  • Hold this position for several seconds
  • Now slowly bring the leg up in your initial position

Repeat the same exercise with the another leg and continue the same for several times

5.Step up exercise

This is a good and simple exercise as compared to other exercises. This exercise helps you in maintaining the balance and flexibility of the hips

  • If you have a box or a small chair, than use it for the exercise
  • Now, keeping your leg on the stool and one more leg down balanced
  • Now, putting the pressure on the hips slowly bring your another foot up
  • Now, again slowly put your foot down by putting the pressure on the hips
  • Practice the same procedure and perform the same exercise with many reps.