Wednesday 17 January 2018
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10 Reasons to Have Green Tea Daily As A Medicine

10 Reasons to Have Green Tea Daily As A Medicine

Camellia sinensis, the leaves grown in china and some parts of india are undergone a much similar process of producing tea to derive the green tea. In recent days, this tea consumed as a beverage has grown popularly across asia and America. The reason being is simple it acts a medicine and gives the daily required proteins, vitamins, minerals. Apart from this, prevents our body from different diseases, building the immune system, helping out with proper digestion and improves the mental ability. When compared to the black tea, green  tea is rich in antioxidants because of its processing structure where black tea is processed allowing the fermentation process whereas green tea avoids this process making rich in antioxidants and poly-phenols. Even the history speaks of using green tea as medicine for thousands of years. Green tea a day keeps you active and healthy. As said, prevention is better than cure, so replacing the beverages such as coffee with the green tea would be the best option to lead a healthy life.

Reasons to Have Green Tea Daily As A Medicine

1.Weight Loss

The important factor to reduce the body weight is to increase in metabolism of body. This special quality is present in green tea. The poly-phenol present in green tea not only increases   metabolism but also helps in digestion to break the food and convert into energy. Body fat is burned during this process of oxidation. Than we say you lose weight, because fat is the reason for your excess body weight making you feels lazy and mentally sick. Instead going through various courses of body weight loss, we should use these naturally available resources and make the best use of it.

  1. Protects From Cancer

Cancer being the world’s most deadly disease caused due to the overgrowing cells of the human body which can only be controlled by the antioxidants. Green tea rich in antioxidants makes a complete sense that consumption of green tea lowers the risk of cancer. Various researches made by the scientists also say some cancers like the colorectal, breast and such similar are controllable. They also confirmed of having that the green tea was very effective even controlling the tumors when tested in the laboratories.

  1. Protects From Type II Diabetes

This disease being rapidly spreading worldwide is caused due to inability of producing insulin. Insulin being the important factor of sugar breaking produced inside our body and lack of producing insulin is called diabetes. This increases in sugar level of the body and that’s not good. So, green tea increases the insulin sensitivity reducing blood sugar.

  1. Gives Energy

Energy required for our day to day activities can be obtained about 4KJ daily by just consuming a cup of green tea once a day. It also contains proteins, vitamins and minerals with no fat and carbohydrates making green tea a perfect supplement to our body in the form of tea or beverage.

5.Skin Care

Skin care is what everyone looks for and green tea is the best way we can make avoid wrinkles due to its antioxidant properties and anti-inflammatory properties. It is said that the health of internal organs of the body is displayed on your face. Yes, so we see green tea indirectly supports in the development of body and makes it a medicine for a perfect skin care.

6.Dental Care

Tooth decay is the major problem seen in dental care. The catechins present in green tea is an antioxidant responsible to kill bacteria and other viruses involved in tooth decay, throat infection, and other related problems to dental care. It also helps for good breathe. One point to say that it is in whole connected to one another solving various problems of our health issues.

  1. Improves Eyesight

Never imagined before that an equivalent to carrot improving the eyesight might be existing but green tea antioxidant is also playing the same role of carrot. Here, the antioxidant catechins is been absorbed by the eye tissues improving the eyesight and preventing it from cataract. A proven test on rats by the scientists but have to say not yet proved on the humans.


Heart disease or problems relating to heart are found in most of the people. This is due to the excess of cholesterol or even the thinning of arteries. This can be prevented by antioxidant present in the green tea acting on the lining of blood vessels keeping them stable and helping them to withstand variations in blood pressure, this allows widening in arteries giving less possibility of heart related problems. Scientific study proves that the percentage of heart attack is lower for people consuming green tea.

9.Live Long

The benefits from green tea given above obviously prove for a better and long life. Even the scientists say by consuming a cup of tea a day decreases the possibility of risk to life by 4%. A proved percentage, this makes us feel happy but only truly happy when we start implementing it in our daily practices by replacing this 2 in 1 beverage. Serve yourself as a beverage as well as a supplement or a medicine keeping you safe for health and from consulting a doctor.

10.Protects From Toxicity

Consumption of green tea as you do other beverages is safe and beneficial. But when it is over consumed it might cause the opposite effect or cause a threat. A saying to be remembered, Do everything in limits, this must be followed incase for the green tea too. So have the beverage and enjoy it and lead a happy healthy life.