Wednesday 17 January 2018
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4 Surefire Exercises To Tone And Firm Flabby Legs

Flabby legs are which the ladies fear to have. It is natural that as you age, you start losing the strength of legs and looks flabby. Legs are the most important part of the body for ladies to show up their beauty. So, they don’t like losing the strength of their legs. You can find many girls going for aerobic classes or even gymnastics and often perform exercises based on legs. It is the main reason because they don’t want their legs to look flabby. But it happens when you reach your mid age or if you’re addicted to any bad habits. Even if you are fat, you face a problem such as this. So, do you really want to avoid having flabby legs? Then you need to follow a strict schedule and give up the bad habits you have developed. If you still say to yourself that I can’t sacrifice for this, then you will be at loss in front of your friends.

Usually girls have a tendency of competing their beauty with another girl and when you come up with this problem- you’ll be nowhere in the competition. You will be afraid in wearing clothes you like due to the flabby legs but then you had to take care of it from before and started up with exercises- because only through exercising you can overcome your flabby legs. It is not that it is a serious health issue, but also it is not good when it comes to the matter of beauty. You needn’t join any gymnastic center or to an aerobic class, but instead just remove an hour time from your schedule and practice the exercises given below. These exercises will strengthen your muscles and regulate the blood circulation which will help you overcome from the flabby legs;

  • Squats

This is the basic exercise followed in order to strengthening the muscles and toning the legs and gluts. It is followed as also a warm up exercise by many gymnastic builders. It warms the muscles of the legs and back before starting with the heavy weight and it is the best exercise for you to reduce your flabby legs

  • Stand in the initial position as given below first;
  • Keep your legs apart in straight line with your shoulders and hands forward.
  • Now slowly go down with your back straight and knees a little bent
  • Again come back to your initial position
  • Do this exercise continuously without stopping for 10 reps
  • Take rest for a while and continue with the same for 3 reps
  • Exercising lunges

Lunges are basically the best exercise for toning the flabby legs. It helps in increasing the muscle tightness and its firmness of the quadriceps and gluts. It also increases the flexibility of the quadriceps. The process is not so simple and easy for the beginners but an easy go away once used to this exercise;

  • Stand in your initial position with legs in line with the hips distance apart.
  • Slowly without losing your balance, place a foot forward
  • While your back knee should be bent and your knee should be little away from the ground and should not be touching it.
  • The knee should be bent in the same direction of the body and the back should be straight and still.
  • Now slowly lower the body till the lower thigh is parallel to the ground level and your back leg supporting on the toes bent.
  • Slowly return to the initial position back
  • Make sure you do as per you’re suitable and if you’re a beginner than I prefer to do it much slower as you can so that you don’t harm your muscles by doing it in the wrong way
  • Do 10 reps with alternate legs
  • Later take a break and continue with the same of 2 reps.
  • Leg lifts

This is a simple exercise and there are many types included in this exercise but here the exercise described is only for the working for quadriceps and abs. the exercise is simple, only you need to do is follow the steps and perform it.

  • This can be done on the bed or using a mat as per your comfort
  • First lay down on the bed.
  • Stretch your legs straight and hands at the side
  • Now, slowly breathing in bring your legs up, till your legs are perpendicular to the ground level
  • Now remain on the same position for few seconds
  • Again, slowly bring down your legs at the initial position
  • Repeat the same procedure continuously for 10 reps
  • Take some rest and follow this exercise for 2 more reps.
  • Heel lifts

Heel lifts are simple procedure based exercise in which you need not put much efforts and can be done standing in one position but it is of great help in reducing flabbiness and strengthening the calf muscles.

  • Stand on a small fixed chair balanced from all four sides.
  • Now bring your front side of the foot half inside and the backward part a little outside.
  • Hold a pole or a wall for support
  • Now slowly go up on your toes and come back down
  • Repeat the same for 60 seconds
  • Take some rest and repeat for 3reps

There are even many other exercises like walking, jogging etc but among them these are the effective ones and directly impact the inner thigh and calf muscles. These muscles are only focused because if these muscles are fit than you’ll easily get rid of flabbiness.