Thursday 18 January 2018
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4 Home Made Beauty Products To Straighten And Moisturize Your Hair

It’s an ongoing trend to have a straight hair. Even you wish to have a straight hair I feel! Right? So does everyone. It looks beautiful for any kind of face and people fascinate to have it. Most of the people undergo various treatments to have a long hair- using various chemicals straightening machines. I feel amazed upon seeing that people go to such an extent that, they are ready to pay any amounts to get a long and straight hair. Cost is not a problem here but they forget that the amount of damage they are giving to the hair. Even hair is a part of our body and not the waste to just apply any type of chemical to make it straight. You are losing the natural and strength of the hair given to you naturally. But people just take it for granted. I don’t say not to try making your skin straight and look beautiful but just trying to say- don’t use any type of chemicals which damage your hair.

The best technique according to me is natural products, not the chemical products which people advertise showing up various products that they have multiple qualities. Just think to yourself how can be they manufactured? All have the same concepts but show it in a different way. Here are some natural products which you can try and I can assure you that they are side effect free and all the ingredients are available at your kitchen.

1.Coconut milk and lemon

Coconut milk is very good ingredient for your hair. It gives your hair a shine and luster because of its moisturizing ability. It protects your hair because of the properties like antifungal and antiviral. These properties are important because your hair is exposed to the environment and is prone to various bacteria or virus not seen by a human eye. These bacteria can harness the quality of the hair.

  • Mix one cup of coconut milk and lemon into a jar
  • Stir it well and keep the jar into fridge for about half an hour.
  • Now check whether a creamy layer is visible on top of the mixture, if visible then remove the jar out
  • Now massage gently on the hair and scalp with this cream.
  • Allow it to remain on the hair for about half an hour
  • Later, cover your head with shower cap
  • Upon it, rotate a warm moist towel and leave it for another half an hour
  • Now gently remove the towel and cap, after which wash your hair with mild shampoo
  • Don’t wait for the hair to dry but instead comb your hair first and then allow it to dry.

Try this on for every weekend, according to your free time; you will notice the changes within days.


Milk is rich in proteins, good for the health of hair which also helps in fortifying the hair shaft. It has a property to smoothen hair and remove the frizz. It is also rich special moisturizing properties which help in straightening hair.

There are two techniques to straighten your hair using milk:

  • This process is easy and takes a couple of minutes for you to follow
  • Mix milk and water in the ratio of 2:1 and stir it well
  • Add this mixture to the spray bottle
  • Now, before sprinkling comb your hair properly so that the milk is evenly distributed upon sprinkling
  • Now, sprinkle the mixture all over the hair and comb it again
  • Allow to remain still for about half an hour
  • Now, wash your hair with mild shampoo

This is another procedure to straighten your hair using milk which includes honey with milk:

  • In one cup of milk add one tablespoon of honey.
  • Now, add 4 strawberries to this mixture which are moderately grinded
  • Apply this mixture to your hair gently on the hair and scalp
  • Wrap the hair with towel and don’t remove it for 2 hours.
  • After 2 hours, remove the towel and wash your hair with moderate shampoo
  • Comb your hair and allow it to air dry

3.Hot oil treatments

This treatment is used from ages and it is meant to be the best way to keep your hair smooth. If you have a curly hair, then this is the best solution for your trouble- the warmth of the oil will relax your hair and help in keeping them straight. Oils used as the treatment are olive, coconut and almond oils

  • Heat the oil moderately you wish to apply for this treatment
  • Massage with the oil on the hair and scalp for about 15 minutes till you feel comfortable. Massaging with oil is a very pleasant moment and you cannot stop yourself from massaging more.
  • Now, gently cover your hair with hot wet towel for about half an hour.
  • Wash your hair using mild shampoo and then comb the hair and allow it to air dry.

4.Apple Cider vinegar

It is filled with a special property to control the Ph level of the hair and its major benefit is in straightening the hair.

  • Mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water
  • Stir it well
  • After having a shampoo bath, apply this mixture on your hair
  • Allow it to remain on your hair and air-dry it.

These are some of the popular homemade beauty products for hair straightening and all have a different unique method to moisturize your hair, make them soft and straight.