Wednesday 17 January 2018
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4 easy ways to hack meditation into your day!

Adults prefer meditation nowadays to keep their mind cool from the stressful events. Everyone has a basic idea set up in their mind about meditation. Most of the people have a general idea about meditation that it is done in a quiet place or should be meditated only at the early morning. These all are some of the wrong concepts carried by many people. Also, there are many apps nowadays available in market which specifies that they can help people reduce stress level and help them to concentrate on their work and health. So do you really think –such apps can help you with your stress? Do you really think that these apps can improve your health? -Or you need something which can actually help you instead of going for these apps!

What is in real meditation?

Meditation is to increase the concentration level by not allowing it to get distracted from the work you’re doing and it keeps in check the stress level! So do you really think that the apps can do it? No- they can’t. Meditation has another advantage that it can beperformed anywhere and at any time you wish to. It is the concept where you need to concentrate on your breathing process, i.e. the air you breathe in and breathe out. It’s never been so easy at the first time to concentrate, rather you concentrate more on the surroundings and it’s common for the beginners, but still try to concentrate and this process will cool you down and help you attain more concentration.

1.Morning beverage

A cup of hot coffee in the morning is the best way to relax. It doesn’t mean that the caffeine present inside the coffee will not allow you to relax but the conceptsare when you wake up and find a cup of coffee in from of you- it is the best way to relax by starting with a cup of coffee. Many people don’t drink coffee due to the wrong concept about it and caffeine present in it! Smell the taste, feel the hotness especially if the climate is cold- it is the best time to enjoy it. You can also concentrate while preparing the coffee by focusing your thoughts and on your senses as you observe the boiling water and the steam coming out of it. Now, when the coffee is prepared, serve it in a cup and feel how warm the cup is! Slowly having the sip and enjoy the taste. This will help you to have a better day ahead.


People are used to eat their lunch in hurry, better prevent doing such things. Concentrate on what you’re eating and eat slowly enjoying the taste of your food. By doing so you’re concentrating on which food you’re eating and a proper digestion can be achieved. I remember- my ancestors used to say- eat slowly dear, or else you’ll have problems with your digestion, now I understand why they used to repeat those words. They also used to say, if you don’t know what you’re eating and don’t chew it properly then the brain will not know which food you’re taking in and will not allow for a proper digestion. I used to think what like a fool are they saying and why can’t they just say to eat slowly instead of saying about such things, now even the science says about the same thing and people believe that by eating slowly and concentrating on the food you’re consuming a better health can be achieved.

3.Give a break

You don’t have to meditate by sitting on the floor or the chair, but also there are different methods apart from it. In afternoons when you feel like your mind is wandering off then take a break and have a small walk-but a steady and slower one. As you walk make sure that you concentrate on the foot – how you keep your steps on the ground! This will help you increase you to concentrate and also takes you away from any tension or stiffness in the body.

4.After your work

When you finish up with your office, don’t jump into some calls or any parties- instead have a silent drive back home, even avoid the music which can create a disturbance in concentrating. Also, make sure that you don’t take your day’s hassles to home and try to remove it from your mind by concentrating on your breath.