Thursday 22 February 2018
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3 Tips That Should Be Followed To Live Your Life To The Fullest

People nowadays are like drones, moving to their workplaces and later back to home. People act as numb because they don’t have time to spend with their friends but instead spend their time in playing games at home, checking status on Facebook and chatting with strangers. They feel that is the happiness they get but they have become robots sitting at home feeling happy changing their computers to an upgraded version or changing their status or watching videos on YouTube or newest scandal of celebrities and politicians.

Do you mean this real fun? Or you feel it was when you hanged out with friends and meeting them was a real fun? You hear people saying “I am busy or have to rush back early” they need to rush back to their entertainment zone that is home. There they are busy with their games and other activities like chatting to unknown people instead chatting and meeting u with their friends.

People often think they are multitasked, and try to do multiple things at a time. But, the real fact is that they are not able to concentrate on a single task at a time. What is this multitasking in reality? Multitasking, I feel is when you complete upon one work, you need to shift to another. Not just without completing one work if you start with the other, you will surely mess up your life. So be happy by completing one and then later start with other. By this you will get time with your friends, to live your life and later be happy.

There are certain things which people escape from accepting, but only after accepting to those concepts the people become more conscious about how to live life happily and continue their journey to live the life to its fullest:

1.Start living your life now

The people I was talking about who are addicted to a single routine have sufficient money, nutrition and try to bring happiness for their family, but are they really living their lives to its fullest? No, they aren’t. I’m sure you have heard about the people who had a near-death experience and reported about the phenomenon that they saw their whole lives flashing before their inner eyes, just like a movie. The film that was flashing before their eyes contained all the emotional and exciting moments they had experienced throughout their lives. Do you really wish to sit and watch the movies for rest of your life? Do you mean this a way to live your life? I don’t accept to this. I would rather like to live my life completely without any tensions, or any work load getting me eaten up from inside. I would like to live my life in a real way not in a way as you wish to.


2.The courage to live your life to the fullest

All you need to live your life is courage. It looks much more simple and minimalist. But it needs a lot of potential to accept it and recognize the real meaning of the meaning courage. It doesn’t mean that people are coward or chicken as they are stuck with their comfortable daily routines and nothing much. You should be even courage to accept to end your dreams that doesn’t allow you to live your life as the dedication and the risk of tensions you require doesn’t allow you to live your life completely. Courage is a crucial factor – as you cannot live your life to the fullest if you don’t dare to do it or shy the risks that could come with it.

3.Listen to your heart

Young people choose – influenced by the advice from their parents (or friends) – to walk the predetermined path that was selected for their lives – a path that might have been chosen by their parents or dictated by the society they live in – often before they were born. Some others pursue the smell of banknotes and follow where the desire to accumulate as much money and tangibles as possible will lead them. There are many other examples where people make important decisions for their lives solely based on external factors – some earn a living with jobs they absolutely dislike and hate, jobs that might even interfere with their believes, others become lawyers just because their whole family consisted of lawyers for decades. The mistake we make is that we put way too much emphasis on the importance of external factors – such as money, family tradition and honor, etc. – rather than listening to our hearts and following where it