Thursday 18 January 2018
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3 Things You Should Avoid To Have A Healthy Menstrual Cycle

Basically what is a period everyone knows- but do you know why it is most stressed in the medical field? It is because the 5-day pain the ladies suffer through and the bleeding they have is unimaginable! Lucky for the guys- they don’t have such a process. Based on this menstrual cycle there has been many some times of research and still the researchers are trying to break through some excellent remedies for women. As they go deeper and have a study in this field- they find themselves still at the beginning. Yes, it’s a fact that human body is tough to understand, especially for the women. Nowadays, ladies are competing men in all the parts of the life, but they are missing something essential which makes them weak- that is their menstrual cycle- they forget to take care of this period and face major problems many times.

It’s not only because they have a menstrual cycle but also because of their weak body characteristic. Their body is much weaker than men to handle such blood loss or any internal problems. Apart from this, an interesting fact is that ladies are always in a mood of love during their menstrual cycles, the reason is because the hormone responsible for lower libido that is the progesterone is low in content during the internal bleeding in the women. It is also difficult for women to concentrate on studies during their periods. So better be careful about your studies during periods!

In today’s busy life women are facing lots of problems about this period- I am saying this because back in the ages people were not much affected by the issues of periods but not it has become common wrong women. The reason can be one that they are less concentrating on their health and about the diets they need to take care of. The people in the past were fit because they were regularly involved with physical works and that was the best way to exercise. But, now people are much working mentally giving stress- the main reason for ladies causing a problem during their periods. There are various precautions which should be taken by women, and they need to look after that they don’t do these mistakes, or even we can say that women are committed to doing these mistakes which they need to avoid:

  1. Avoid depressing movies

Emotions are the key in promoting the secretion of hormones, and the emotion like sadness before or during the periods keeps us in depression mode. Women have a natural tendency of getting nervous, sad and happy in a fraction of seconds. They say it right- even GOD is unable to understand women till now- I guess not even ladies have understood themselves ill now! And in these situations, you should avoid watching the horror or depression movies which lead to emotional stress. Being upset is a part and watching depressing movies is an additional bonus to keep you unhealthy and unfit during the menstrual cycle. So avoid watching such depressing movies.

  1. Forget you have a period

Everything depends on how you take it! You take it courageously and say – no! I don’t have any problem, and I am perfectly fine! Then I assure you that you’ll be the most successful and can easily clear through this. It may go hard at some part but in most of the time, you’ll be happy thinking this way. When you forget what you are suffering from and be happy- your brain will stop concentrating on it making its function run smoothly. I didn’t mean that it will function smoothly only if your brain doesn’t work on it, but just think over this- if you concentrate on it, you’ll be in depression right? Then your body will be in depression-right? So indirectly you’ll cause a danger to yourself and later say I am going through a tremendous pain. Leave it! Just let it go from your mind that your menstrual cycle is on! You’ll get to know the difference.

  1. Avoid dairy products

Arachidonic acids responsible for cramps are found in the dairy products which shouldn’t be consumed to avoid the pains during the menstrual cycle. A little quantity of milk or it shouldn’t be consumed at all. Instead, coconut milk can be the best solution for you to gain calcium which helps in reducing the menstrual pains.