Thursday 18 January 2018
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3 simple stretches you need to follow to avoid any back pain in future!

The lower back pain is common in many people which can’t be avoided as it starts from the lower back to the complete leg if it is unchecked. This irritation is due to the sciatic nerve and if this nerve is left unchecked it can result into severe and debilitating.

There are various symptoms caused by this damage of the nerve like the unpredictable pain, difficulties in standing and sitting, a sensation of weakness in the leg and toes. For these symptoms people take help of injections and other medicines which can cause many side-effects but there are even other methods to reduce this pain like the home remedies packed with some effective exercises.

This pain arises even due to a slipped disc in the backbone or even the spinal injury, during pregnancy and other problems which persist even due to heavy exercises or even more pressure built up due o some work on the backbone or the spinal chord

1.Hot compresses

Hot compresses can be one of the best solutions for these problems as this absorbs the pain and relaxes the tensed muscles. It is also effective in releasing the pain and inflammation built up on the sciatic muscle. Sometimes, applying cold is also effective when it is required to reduce the swelling and helps in neutralizing the pain

  • Get a rubber pouch available in the market or even the towel can be an option.
  • Heat the water in a vessel and put the water in the pouch which is specially designed for such treatments
  • Now apply the pouch on the pain and hold it there for about a long time
  • Change the water if the water cools down
  • Repeat the same for hours until you get relief


Massage has the ability to free you from the muscle pain and help your body to exhibit an ability of healing by itself. It is an excellent in curing when the problem is due to the muscle spasm. It is all possible because it increases the circulation and the range of motion increases

  • Take nutmeg powder and sesame oil
  • Mix these both as 3 tablespoons of nutmeg powder and 1 cup of oil
  • Heat this mixture by stirring it well
  • Let the mixture cool for some while
  • Massage this mixture on the pain when it is warm enough to be massaged
  • By doing this regularly i.e. 3 times a week- you can observe considerably less pain in the back

These procedures when you follow and obtain a soothing and relaxing affect on the back, then comes the stretching exercises, where you needn’t follow a set of stretching exercises but just follow these given important stretches- only these can be your solution for back pain release!

3.Knee to chest stretch

This stretching exercise is a must after you have done up with the basic treatment you give to your back. You need to know increase the strength of the core and back muscles because it will reduce the pain and help you to not gain the same problems in future

  • Lie down on the floor or math on your back and your knees stretched forward, with your foot facing in upward direction
  • Now, slowly bring your right leg up and bend them with the help of your hands
  • Pull your legs so that you try to touch the hips to your chest as maximum as possible
  • Don’t do it with extra force as you may injure your muscles worse than before
  • Now, slowly bring down the leg
  • Follow the same procedure for the other leg
  • Note that when you are involved in pulling a leg- the other leg should be in a position stretched forward direction.
  • Follow the same exercise for several reps

4.Frog sit

This is a unique exercise which i remember that during school days was used as a punishment- but didn’t know the importance of this. It involves in the stretching of the complete back muscles and increases the circulation of the back muscles

  • First stand still on the your feet with feet facing in forward direction
  • Now, slowly go down with your knees bent and the hands stretching to the ground
  • Hold on this position for about a minute
  • Come back to the original position
  • Repeat the same exercise for 3 reps regularly

5.Back extension

This exercise is done by sitting on the floor and the steps are also very simple to follow. This exercise not only stretches the back muscles but also stretched the entire back leg muscles completely. It gives them relaxation and also increases the rate of circulation in these muscles.

  • Sit on the floor, with your legs stretched forward and the knees facing up
  • Note that both the legs are joined together.
  • Now slowly, try touching the toes of the legs with both your hands
  • Try stretching your back as much as you can, so that you can stretch the muscles and strengthen them
  • Follow the same exercise for at least reps a day!