Wednesday 17 January 2018
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3 Functional Problems In The Body Caused Due To Excess Intake Of Water!

We often hear from our friends, family and from people we love saying drink excess of water. But- you must be shocked listening to saying ‘excess of water is not good for health‘. Yes! Its true at certain conditions and it cannot be ignored, because it has the same medical reason. Doctors suggest drinking 8 glasses of water a day. There should be a reason behind saying this- right? Or else they would have suggested drinking water with no limits.

You know, if you think over it than you would understand the exact reason behind this and it is obvious that you will be satisfied with the reasoning by which the doctors mean to say to drink only 8 glasses of water. Have you heard a proverb saying- everything has its own limits. The same is with the water. No matter that drinking water is good for health, but what happens if you drink in excess- have you ever thought about it? Or you just keep drinking it as much as you can? Your body constitutes of 66% of water and the rest is your organs, cells etc. now, if the water content increases, would your body bear so much of water? No, it’s not possible- because the body has set its own limits and it can’t exceed it or else it would turn into more dangerous than you might have ever thought. Just be familiar to one thing- let be any good medicine or a high nutritional diet- they all have their limits, so is water. Water is good only till you are under the limits, after which a poison to you.

It is deadly as said by the experts, never thought of it? By water? You must be thinking I am kidding, but its true- excess of water in extreme conditions it is deadly. Sure, it’s healthy for your body by drinking water but excess drinking affects directly on your kidneys, functioning of brain and other curricular activities, especially it makes you blood diluted, than instead of removing the waste your kidney will turn out into waste. There are 3 important key functioning of the body which can be non-functional by your attitude of quick drinking large amount of water or drinking in excess daily:

1.Affects your kidneys

You must be aware that drinking good amount of water is good for the health of kidneys, but are you aware that drinking excess water hinders the functioning of the same?

  • Kidneys are responsible for the removal of waste from the blood
  • Drinking water, makes the kidneys to remove more amount of waste outside
  • And when you drink excess of water, the blood gets diluted.
  • Making the kidneys to work for much longer time than expected, more hard work is taken by the kidneys to function and remove waste.
  • This enables more amount of urination and as per experts more amount of urination is not good for health.
  • And by drinking more amount of water in short duration, kidneys are not able to maintain a proper sodium balance in the body

Another cause

  • When you increase the intake of water, the secretion of vasopression by the hypothalamus gland increases
  • The vasopression secretion is an instruction to kidney to conserve water.
  • When the water intake is more than expected, it leads to secretion more amount of vasopression.
  • And more amount of vasopression in blood in blood is not good
  • Also, when the amount of water increases in the blood kidneys will be unable to excrete waste as it is difficult for them to filter
  • The water content increase in blood cells leads to makes the cells to swell like balloons.
  • This results in symptoms like nausea, vomiting and frequent urination leading to hypnoatremia.

2.Affects the functioning of brain

As you know water is essential for the functioning of brain, even for the neurons and other parts of the body. But, also when excess amount of water is present it causes the opposite effects on the brain leading to symptoms like seizures, coma, and respiratory problems and in severe conditions to death.

  • As you know the blood cells, occupy more amount of water inside them to prevent pressure on the kidneys.
  • But this causes another effect on the brain.
  • Some cells have enough room to occupy the water inside them, but what happens with the cells where there is no room?
  • Yes, I am talking about the brain and here is where the skull is limited.
  • As per experts say, that there is no room for excess of water inside the skull and if the brain cells intake more amount of water.
  • This results in symptoms like coma, respiratory problems etc.
  • Even death at severe conditions.

3.Affects the circulatory system

The circulatory system includes mainly of blood cells. If the amount of water increases as said above than you know what happens! The cell size increases, right! But what’s next? Is our body stretchable to any extent it needs? No, it is not! Let’s see the effects

  • Sodium is required by the whole body for proper functioning, and this is diluted by the excess water.
  • A strain is put on the body due to insufficient requirement of chemicals required.
  • The blood cell walls get worn out, with the excess intake of water, leading to unstable cells.
  • So, drink water under the limits, not too less and not too much. It is safe to drink only in certain limited conditions.