Wednesday 17 January 2018
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3 Exercises Women Can Do At Any Age Of Their Life

Exercise is the best way to keep you fit! Do you workout daily? If yes, then well and good, but some women fear that after they get age or above the mid-age, the women feel that they will be unable to exercise- a totally wrong concept which is followed by most of the women. Yes! You can exercise, why not! Not just walking and running but also various many other exercises which generally the young people also do. So, for that you need to first make up your mind saying- yes! I can do it, and even I am no less than anyone else only then you will be able to follow these exercises.

When people get age they have a general mentality- that now my life has come to an end and who is going to waste time doing these exercises instead I will do something interesting. Why not- you can do all the extra activities in your life and without any fear only when your health is fit- you can enjoy more and be happy. If your health is not so good then how will you enjoy? Have you before thought of this! Even if you don’t do anything special and keep your body fit by following these exercises you can be happy internally and more the healthy your body is you feel happier. You must have seen people when they get old- they enjoy with some extent and later when their body health decreases– they will be left with only one choice and that is hospital days- instead of spending their time happily at home with their family they have to spend at hospital. I am not saying that only exercise would jeep them fit, but I am trying to say is by exercising people will be less prone to any such problems.

Now, when it comes to young people or generation- they are not worried of such problems and even if worried they are never interested in exercises and workouts. But, I would like to say that you’ll for sure face problems tomorrow due to your today’s bad habits. Not exercising is not a bad habit-but for not concentrating your health is a bad thing. For this you need to take the measures, and the below given exercises are simple and this will keep your body maintained and healthy. No need to remove much time- but in your leisure time- either in morning or evening remove some time and do these exercises. No need to go to a fitness centre but can be easily done staying at home. Once you’re addicted to this schedule- you’ll be a person less prone to any health related problems and will help you reduce if you are addicted towards any habits like smoking and drinking.


This is the basic and the master of all exercises- even if you go to a popular fitness centre- you’ll be first trained to do squats and then the further exercises are continued. This is basically simple, and not necessary of using any instruments. Basically, at the beginning it is a problem to people who are beginners but later it will be an easy go for them. Just need to maintain your body balance and do this.

  • Stand straight in your initial position, keeping your legs stretched o the level of your shoulder width, keeping your backbone straight
  • Now, place your hands straight front to have a balance on your body
  • Now, start with your exercise by slowly moving down, i.e. bend your knees(not completely ), till a little above the ground
  • Here, be careful about your back while going down. Observe that your back is straight and a little above the ground- move again up to the initial position(exhaling air)
  • Continue with the same procedure for 10 reps
  • After each rep, take some rest and continue the same for 3 sets of reps.
  • For beginners-Note that, you don’t put much stress on the nerves as it may damage.
  • After some days of experience you increase the sets of reps.


Plank exercise is generally about stretching your hand muscles and strengthening your back muscles. This exercise is also followed by many athletes to develop the core muscles to have a better posture and prevent back aches.

  • Be in your initial position by sleeping on the floor on your stomach and your hands folded and placed on your shoulders- with your foot facing downwards and legs stretched straight.
  • Now, slowly come up with the support of your hand
  • Stay on this position for 30 seconds and then slowly come down on your initial position
  • Do this for 5 reps
  • By doing this, your core muscles are strengthened.

3.Walking with weights

This is a special type of exercise where no steps are required and you can follow this anywhere you wish- at home-office-shopping. Surprised? Yes, this is a unique and recent discovery by experts who say that hanging with weights, which stretches the arms and hand muscles- also can be followed when you go for shopping and lift heavy bags or at home any heavy instrument you keep hold it down. This not only stretches your arm muscles but also will increase your stamina.

  • Stand up on your feet in your initial position
  • Now hold a carry bag filled with heavy weight stuff or else hold a heavy weight bag in both your hands
  • Be In this position for a couple of minutes and then lower the bags
  • Repeat the same procedure for couple of times
  • This enables stretching of your arm muscles, the same way you do in fitness centre