Wednesday 17 January 2018
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2 Psychological Theories- You Can Easily Persuade People

2 Psychological Theories- You Can Easily Persuade People

Conversation- it is the key factor where in we influence people and attract them. Persuade is nothing but influencing people- developing a trust within them- right? People in business class know better about it- as they use these skills in their professionalism. But here, it’s in common- not only by communication but there are many ways where you can persuade people that can be by your bodily language or by your day to day activities. But the main thing you need to concentrate upon is the communication. If you are thinking to persuade a person than you’re talking should be in a gentler and a way that the person should believe your words- that is developing a trust in your words.

This is all you can say a psychology- playing with the human brain. You play with his, and even though he doesn’t understand what is going on with him. This is persuading people. Some people master in it and some people simply get fools persuading others. First, you need to judge, understand them by their actions and you need to have a self-confidence in you before trying to influence others. To understand this in a better way, as I said you need to first understand your person or the audience you’re influencing. Their bodily reactions towards your words- what is the reaction on the face and how to convert it into positive if it’s a negative impact. These all are necessary to be understood and you need to master in this by developing self-confidence and say it to yourself- yes! I can do it, not a problem at all. This is so easy and people will trust me. For an example, you’re selling something or marketing a product- first you need to change the mindset of the people if there is a bad impression about the product. In this case, then don’t show up your product but in fact play with their mind by asking the questions influence your product. And the last question- what would you do sir, if you get all the qualities that you require in a single product? You have hit him at the right place and you have been successful in persuading him! Now, show your product and there are, I say – less possibilities of him saying no to your product. See! How you could persuade him- a little stress on your mind based on the thinking of the person sitting in front you can click you to persuade him! There are some psychological theories developed by experts where you can understand and know the tricks you can use in any situations: 

Conversation theory

When minorities of people try to influence a majority of the people- it really doesn’t workout. You know the reason- why? Because, people in minority have almost lost their confidence and the people have joined in the majority, because they think that there is no alternative except joining the majority group. So, here the only plan that can work out for people in minority- the strength in the voice of minority. Just stand still and say what you have to- forces the people in majority diverge towards you and not against you. Most of the times, the only reason people fail is due to lack of proper conversation or dialogue.

Information manipulation theory

The word (information manipulation) doesn’t state to manipulate and say whatever you can, to influence the people, because even they are too intelligent for this and understand the manipulation. Here, you need to follow a 4-step process- quantity, quality, relation and manner.

These four are the key for you success in persuading people. The information provided by you must be in detail from top to bottom and should not contain any faults or something missing. The person shouldn’t feel that there is something missing apart from the information you’ve provided.

The information you provide should be true. It shouldn’t contain any false statements or details- this develops a kind of trust in your words and people trust you for the rest of their lives once they find you a truthful person. It should also be point to point accurate and not false information that you’re providing. Also you need to have personal detailed information for yourself reserved if there arises any question in them.

The information provided by you also depends on the behavior and the style that you provide. People also go by looks and you need to be the same as they expect from you.

An easy to understand format, will make your way persuading others. You need to represent in a format that the people understand your language and follow it in the first instance they hear you. You need to have a proper grammar check upon the data you are representing.