Wednesday 17 January 2018
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13 Ancient Remedies to Cure Thyroid Disease Naturally

Thyroid – A butterfly shaped gland in human body located at the bottom of the neck and dysfunction of this gland causes Thyroid disease. The most common types found are Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Goiter, Thyroiditis, Thyroid Nodules and Thyroid Cancer.

So What is Thyroid?

The only organ absorbing iodine of the human body to generate T4 & T3 hormones, these hormones controls body temperature, body growth, appetite, and muscle strength, health of heart, brain, kidneys and reproductive system.

So the proper working of Thyroid glands is necessary for well maintained body and healthy life. Here we’re suggesting you 13 remedies which will help you treat your thyroid disease naturally:

1.Fruits & Vegetables

Natural storage of starch, vitamins, proteins and iodine mainly consisting of potatoes, green vegetable, beans, nuts, bananas, apples, onion, sea weed.

Consumption of such naturally available daily diet maintains the organs of the human body in good functioning and better performance, reducing the chances of disorders especially Thyroid glands which controls various metabolism of the body.

2.Water and Fruit Juice

By Drinking water, generally feels healthy and it helps body to function properly and maintains the water level required to control the PH level. Fruit juice, the mixture of fruits and water is also a healthy factor for Thyroid glands. Drinking excess of water cleanse the body system and removes toxic substances. 


The people who are non-vegetarians, beans and legumes serve as an alternate option to meat to generate vitamins and minerals needed by the Thyroid to produce Thyroid hormone.


Iodine commonly known as salt. The diet consisting of sea food is rich in iodine. The iodine is found naturally in brownish sea vegetables, yogurt, milk and eggs and sea weed, onions, pineapple, whole rice, strawberries, oats.

5.Fat Rich Food

Dairy products are rich in fat but some exemptions are to be taken care of like the intake of butter and cream is profitable to the Thyroid, though some products of dairy cause the opposite effect.

6.Coconut oil

Fatty acids of coconut oil improves the Thyroid functioning, additionally helps to raise the body temperature, stimulates metabolism and increases the energy level. It is good to use coconut oil in cooking or use two spoons of coconut oil in milk to drink.

7.Fish and Fish oil

The most common sea food , high in content of omega 3 fatty acids good for Thyroid hormone connecting the development of  whole body . Fatty acid present, nowadays are been taken up by people as supplements in the name of omega 3. It is been believed consuming a tablet once a day keeps immune of the body stronger.

8.Boil raw vegetables

Eating raw leafy vegetables and salads may hard Thyroid glands, so the best way to eat them is by peeling off salads, Boiling  raw cruciferous vegetables like cabbage , cauliflower , broccoli makes then soft and unharmful to glands.

9.Changing Eating Habits

Specially for the people who love to eat their food as early as possible, this habit of theirs may harm their Thyroid glands. The reason for which is Thyroid gland acts as a messenger between stomach and brain. As we eat food as we food faster we directly swallow the food into the stomach by which the brain is not able to receive the food consumed through our mouth. So please seat, be calm, chew your food properly and slowly.


Ginger contains magnesium, potassium and zinc, they are well known for their anti-inflammatory properties which improves the Thyroid functioning. It can be served along with Tea or juice whichever preferable.

11.Ginseng and Black walnuts

Ginseng and Black walnuts are natural sources of minerals like iodine and manganese, very effective in nourishing and enhancing Thyroid glands.

12.Yoga and Physical exercise

Yoga, the most ancient physical practices, practiced in numerous ways and techniques proven to be most effective in cure of many diseases. One among which is known to be effective on curing Thyroid disorders. The types in yoga known to be as asnas, among which are related to head, neck and shoulder like the suryanamaskar, yogamudra, sarwangasna and backword bending positions helpout to improve circulation and squeezing out stagnant secretions from the Thyroid glands.

13.Vitamin D

Present in the early morning sunrays, improves the immune system and calcium metabolism of the body, equivalent to practicing physical exercise early morning or exposing the body 10 to 15 minutes daily. Early morning sunlight is free natural source of Vitamin D required for the human body under the required limits.