Thursday 18 January 2018
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11 Easy to Prepare Homemade Remedies For Hair Growth and Prevents Hair Fall

11 Easy to Prepare Homemade Remedies For Hair Growth and Prevents Hair Fall

Hair loss is typically loss of hair from various parts of the body. Usually, the people are more concerned about the hair loss from the upper part of body that is head. Hair grows accordingly in different ages of the body and slows down as age increases. Hair loss also defines how strong the body and the brain is depending on which the hair grows. This shows the internal body features working and functioning. Hair loss is also affected due to the change in hormones, exposure to radiations, genital deficiency, tensions and even when you reach at middle of your 30’s. But it is true that hair loss is related to the skull of the head. Hair is other part for your beauty so need to take well care of it as even it has life as same as that the skin and so hair fall prevention is very much necessary to maintain the beauty.

 Hair Fall Symptoms

In most of the cases symptoms are easily visible like:

  • Formation of dandruff
  • More in number of Hair found on the towel after shower, on the pillow early morning and on the comb everyday
  • Visibility of less number in hair
  • Thinning of hair

At this time, you need to consult a doctor or starting using these general home remedies to regain or stop your excess hair fall.

Easy to Prepare Homemade Remedies


Amla or Indian gooseberry is known to be the best medicine in the ayurveda, the ancient natural medicine. It is rich in vitamin C and antioxidant property. The amla juice with the lemon juice both two teaspoons each can be mixed and applied on scalp once a week and wash it with hot water. Also amla juice can be mixed with coconut oil and applied to the scalp o0nce a week and wash it with water. Continue with the same to get better results.


Onion is rich in sulphur which boosts the formation of collagen tissues helpin the hair to grow strong. Extract juice from the onion and apply it on the scalp and allow it to remain for half an hour. Later, wash it away with your shampoo. Try it on for once a week and see the changes.

3.Aloe Vera

Aloe vera contains enzymes and alkalizing property which promotes hair growth and prevents hair loss and itching of the scalp. Apply the aloe vera juice to the scalp, allow it to remain for half an hour and then wash it with moderately warm water. Continue the same for 4 times a week and the results is you can see for yourself.


Neem leaves are one of the old medicines for various purposes. One of which is to reduce the hair fall by simple procedure of boiling the leaves in water and wait until half the water is vaporized, later cool down the water and wash the scalp with it. Repeat the same procedure for four times a week.


Lemon is meant to be the most powerful remedy for hair loss. Adding two spoons of lemon with coconut oil and washing it with your shampoo can be of great effect as it stimulates the blood circulation of the scalp and prevents hair fall. Lemon seeds can also be used with pepper salt to avoid hair fall by making the mixture a paste and applying it to the areas where excess of hair fall is been observed


Egg mask can be applied to hair to get a thick hair. Crack open the egg remove the yellow yolk and apply the white layer as the mask on the hair to get a stronger and silky hair. Keep it for 20 minutes and wash it with your moderately used shampoo. Do it once a week.


With two tablespoons of egg white and curd, mix them well and add neem powder, mix it well and apply to the scalp. Leave it for half an hour and then wash it. Continue the procedure twice a week.


Cut the onion and apply the juicy part to the scalp, later apply the honey to the same part and leave it for fifteen minutes so that hair fall is reduced. Do this once in 15 days.

9.Coconut Milk and Oil

Coconut milk prevents hair loss, it has the efficiency to nourish the hair and make it strong. Cut the coconut and make the paste to get the coconut milk. Apply this squeezed milk from the paste to hair and scalp gently. Leave it for 30 minutes and later wash it with moderately warm water. Apply the same once a week.

Coconut oil, make a habit for applying it daily to keep your hair silky and strong and too keep the scalp metabolism and blood circulation is boosted.


Garlic is rich in vitamin E preventing hair loss and making stronger hair. Garlic should be crushed and made into paste which is boiled with olive oil, apply it on the base of the root and the scalp to get a strong and beautiful hair.



Henna leaves are boiled with the mustard oil and massage on the scalp. Henna is mostly used as a hair conditioner strengthening the hair from the roots. Henna powder can also be mixed with curd and apply on the scalp for better results.